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31 Benefits of Cod Liver Oil

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Cod Liver Oil is a well-known all natural supplements in the health and lifestyle industry. It comes from natural sources and is packed with vitamins and minerals. It is also the best supplement for getting your Omega 3 fatty acids. The health benefits of cod liver oil are limitless.

Here are 31 Benefits of This Amazing Super Food:

• The combination of vitamin D and calcium in Cod liver oil can prevent fractures in elderly people
• Controls Cholesterol, balance out and remove bad cholesterol. Prevents heart problems and stroke.
• Prevents cancer (lymphoma, lungs, skin and prostate cancer)
• Reduce Inflammation in the body.
• Fight off onset tuberculosis and prevent onset lung problems
• Prevents Cardiovascular diseases and protects the heart
• Relieve constipation and digestion problems. Eases the movement of the bowel and remove indigestion.
• Remove migraines and headaches.
• Improves brain function and memory retention, great supplements for Neuro degenerative sufferers
• Lessen the risk of contracting lupus
• Protects pregnant women of birth defects, has high content of vitamin D.
• Reduce triglyceride levels
• Natural treatment for psoriasis, can lessen irritation and moisturize the skin.
• Decrease high blood pressure and lower LDL levels
• Supplement for Crohn’s disease
• Prevents onset kidney diseases and protects the kidney
• Protects the inner ear from infection
• Reduce itchiness and dryness of the skin, can be used to moisturize skin and relieve skin irritation
• Faster healing process (wounds, scratches and burns)
• Can reduce visible scars and lighten dark spots
• Keeps the immune system healthy
• Maintain a healthy and strong vision, Can also treat eye problems
• Increase fat burning hormones and boost metabolism
• Maintain and boost mental and brain health, good for people who suffer from ADHD and depression
• Lowers the risk of having kids with type 1 diabetes and treat type 1 diabetes in kids
• Removes muscle pain
• Treatment for rickets disease
• Prevent ulcers
• Helps the liver function and avoid damage
• Lessen joint pains and stiffness. It also treats arthritis symptoms

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Cod liver oil is extracted from the liver of the Atlantic Cod. They can help fight off numeral health problems and illnesses. Taking a capsule of a teaspoon a day will keep your body protected and strong.

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