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35 Healthy Uses Of Garlic

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“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” – Hippocrates

Hippocrates really used to recommend garlic to treat a wide variety of medicinal conditions. Well… the world’s brains and Science has discovered a large portion of garlic’s health benefits.

1. Eat crushed garlic mixed with honey. The antibacterial properties of garlic unclog the sinus cavities.
2. Raw Garlic: Eating this fights bladder infections, thanks to the antibacterial properties.
3. For bronchitis: Fresh garlic cloves
a. Peel and chop the cloves.
b. Drop them in a glass of milk.
c. Boil the milk along with the chopped cloves in it.
d. Drink it warm before sleeping.
4. Eat raw garlic for various health benefits.
5. Rubbing garlic if you have pink eye works as an antibiotic that kills infections. Cut garlic for the juice to come out before rubbing it on the infected eye’s upper eyelid.
6. Garlic kills bacteria naturally. Have the juice out by crushing and squeezing raw garlic clove, and apply on an abscessed tooth.
7. There are articles scattered around different websites all over the internet that has instructions on how to make garlic paste. However, you can simply put a heated garlic clove directly on a boil and let it sit for 10 minutes. Repeat more than a few times a day to get better results.
8. Inflammation can be reduced by sulfur compounds found in garlic.
9. The same compounds can also be used to cure cancer and even tone down the risk of heart attack.
10. Garlic normalizes blood pressure.
11. Garlic prevents heart damage.
12. Garlic prevents lung cancer.
13. Garlic prevents brain cancer.
14. Garlic prevents prostate cancer.
15. The above mentioned cancers are the most common type of cancer a person may catch. If you have cancer but it’s not like the ones above, you can still eat garlic because garlic treats all kinds of cancer.
16. Drink this twice a day. Here’s how you make that drink: boil a tablespoon of chopped garlic along with a cup of tomato juice, a tablespoon of lemon juice, a tablespoon of hot sauce, and a pinch of celery salt.
17. Eating a fresh clove eases the discomfort in nasal congestion.
18. If you want, mix ½ teaspoon of turmeric powder with garlic and water and boil. You must drink the soup regularly if you want to clear the congestion from sinus.
19. Mix a teaspoon of dried chamomile and lemon juice, and a clove of crushed garlic. Apply mixture to callus twice a day.
20. For sore throat: Prepare one garlic glove and slice it in half. Put one in each cheek. Grind against the garlic whilst sucking to release the compound that removes the bacteria thriving in the throat.
21. Massage a peeled garlic clove directly onto a wart until it releases the garlic juice.
22. Garlic has a compound called Allicin, which has powerful medicinal properties.
23. Garlic has very few calories but is highly nutritious.
24. Garlic combats sickness.
25. Garlic combats common colds.
26. Garlic improves cholesterol levels.
27. Garlic prevents Alzheimer’s disease.
28. Garlic prevents Dementia.
29. Helps you live longer.
30. Taking garlic supplements improves your athletic performance.
31. Detoxifies heavy metals in your body.
32. Improves Bone Health
33. Improves iron metabolism.
34. Regulates number of fat cells.
35. Helps you grow beautiful hair.

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