4 Core Abdominal Exercises

In addition to a big chest and arms, broad shoulders, wide back, and strong legs, chiseled abs is viewed as part of an aesthetic physique, especially in males. Many people desire to do abdominal training to lose their belly fats and reveal their hiding abdominal muscles. While nutrition plays a key role in showing the abs, it is also important to determine the core exercises a person needs in training the abdominal muscles.

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For beginners, tummy vacuums stand as one of the core exercises that are being done to train the abdominals. According to Breaking Muscle, the exercise is recommended for those who are starting out, women who have had children, people who have not been active, and those who have sedentary lifestyle.

As per the publication, tummy vacuums allow the reconditioning of the transverse abdominals to brace the spine during movement. The transverse abdominal muscles act as the body’s internal weight belt, which is engages when a person tries to move of lift an object. Thus, the muscle might not be in its optimum function when a person has been inactive for a certain period of time or has been pregnant.

To do the exercise, the person stands upright and places his hands on his hips and breathes out completely. Then, he expands his chest and brings his stomach in as much as possible and holds. After that, the person visualizes trying to touch his navel to his backbone. The exercise can be done in a standing, seated, kneeling, and lying position.

The abdominal crunches is one of the standard exercises for the abs. According to Shape Fit, the exercise’s goal is to strengthen the abdominal muscles. It has a wider range of movement when compared to the abdominal crunch and it hits various muscles like the rectus abdominis, rectus femoris, iliopsoas, hip flexors, sartoris, and tensor fasciae lae. The person lies on his back on the floor, with the feet flat and knees bent. Then, the hands are placed on each side of the head and raises his torso up and crunching his abs forward while trying to touch the elbows to the knees. The midsection is kept contracted throughout the exercise. Then, the person lowers his body back to the starting position.

The lying leg raises also works the abdominal muscles, as well as the hip flexors, obliques, and front of the thighs. According to Workout Box, the exercise also helps develop a strong midsection and enhance one’s balance and coordination. The person lies flat on his back on the floor. Then, he places his arms out to his sides with the palms flat on the floor for support. After that, the hips are flexed while keeping the legs straight and feet together. Then, the person raises his feet towards the ceiling. Then, the person pauses shortly when his hips are at right angles to the trunk and lowers the legs back gradually to the starting position. The back and shoulders should be kept flat to the floor throughout the movement to keep a neutral spine.

Bicycle crunch is another exercise that trains one’s abdominal muscles to exhaustion. According to Men’s Fitness, the exercise is done by lying at one’s back with his hands behind the head, with the legs raised and bent at 90 degrees. Then, the person alternates sides by putting their right elbow on the left knee while the left elbow is brought towards the right knee. The movement is done for one minute. One can also try and hold the cruch for two counts on each side to elicit a more gradual and concentrated motion.

Aside from the aforementioned core exercises for the abs, the abdominal muscles will not show up if the person still has very high body fat percentage; thus, the abs will appear when there is a good interplay among consistent training, proper nutrition, and adequate sleep and rest.

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