4 Exercises for Flabby Arms

Not everyone wants flabby arms; others desire defined muscular arms, especially in most men, while toned arms in most women. Aside from strength, muscular and defined arms look better and stronger, enabling a person to do his activity of daily living more easily and efficiently. In line with this, the following are some exercises a person can do to tone and define the arms.

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90-Degree Preacher Curl

The 90-degree preacher curl improves biceps size while reducing fat in the arms. According to Muscle and Fitness, the person loads up a barbell with about 60 to 70 percent of his regular preacher curl weight. Then, he positions himself over the bench, with his armpits snugly pressed into the top. Next, he grabs the weight and allows his arms to hang straight down. A good practice is to keep the shoulders and elbows locked in position to force the brachialis to work as hard as much to flex the arm. The person squeezes the biceps at the top of the movement before gradually lowering down the bar back to the initial position.

Close Grip Bench Press

Another exercise for flabby arms is the close grip bench press and it primarily targets the triceps. According to Body Building, the exercise is similar to a regular barbell bench press, but the difference is that the hands are placed closer together so that the index fingers are off the smooth part of the bar.

As per the publication, the person starts the exercise by lying back on a flat bench. Then, he uses a close grip, which is around shoulder width to lift the bar from the rack and hold it straight over him, with the arms locked. After that, the person inhales as he slowly lowers the bar to his middle chest. A good practice is to keep the elbows close to the torso at all times to engage the triceps efficiently. Then, the person exhales as he pushes the bar to the top using the triceps, locking the arms in the contracted position. The person pauses briefly and then begins to lower the weight again. A good practice is to lower the bar at least twice as long than to come up.


Push-ups tone flabby arms using the person’s own body weight. According to Total Beauty, the person starts in front of a mirror to check his alignment. Next, his hands should be under the shoulders and lined up with the chest. The core or abdominals should be tight and the shoulders and neck should be relaxed. Then, the triceps are used to push the body upward and then downward. As per the publication, the person should feel the muscle engagement when executing the movement. Also, the body from the shoulders to the feet should be stationary and is parallel to the floor.

Sideways Floor Push

Another exercise for toning the arms is the sideways floor push. According to Health, it also targets the triceps. As per the publication, the person lies on a mat on his left side, with his left leg slightly bent behind him and the right leg extended diagonally from the hip. Then, he wraps his left arm around his waist and the bends his right arms, placing the right hand on the mat near the left shoulder. The feet are kept on the mat and the left arm is wrapped around the waist. Then, the person extends his right arm without locking the elbow and pushes the body up. After a brief pause, he lowers the body to complete the repetition.

Overall, the arms are essential to the body, as they do a significant part when it comes to activities of daily living. Thus, training them is vital for one’s total health and wellness. Along with the aforementioned routines, total arm development is achieved with

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