4 Surprisingly Weird Things That Can Increase Your Appetite

Even if you’re aware of your eating habits, there are certain factors that may not be too obvious that can affect your appetite without you even noticing it. Surprisingly, there are four things that can actually make you grow hungrier as explained by Lisa Young, PhD, RD and author of The Portion Teller Plan. Beware of these roadblocks in your diet.

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1. Your medications.

Young said that there are certain descriptions such as anti-depressants that can make you eat more. Although not all reactions to medications are the same, studies show that medications for anti-depressants can increase one’s appetite. The best way to avoid this is to ask your dermatologist or doctor about the possible side effects of your medication so you will know what to expect. Even though your overall health is your main priority, your doctor may be able to switch you to another medication that has less effect on your appetite.

2. Changing exercise routine.

It’s great that you are trying to shake things up with your exercise regimen as this will help keep your workouts fresh and making you stay committed to it but did you know that this can actually increase your appetite? According to Young, you’ll become hungrier when you change your routine because your body is acclimating to your new routine which in turn affects your appetite. Why not have a journal for your food and exercise so you will know the times when you eat more and its relation to the amount of workout that you did.

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3. Air conditioning.

If you noticed how you often eat more during the months of November to February causing you to gain a few pounds, the same goes true during the summer when you’re a/c is in full blast. People tend to eat more in cold temperatures because the bodies want to remain warm, said Young. So instead of staying indoors and with the a/c turned on, open the windows to let fresh air in. Your wallet not to mention your waistline will be thankful.

4. Supplements. Supplements, just like prescription medications, can affect people differently.

According to Young, there are some herbal and dietary supplements such as those that can be bought over-the-counter can increase a person’s appetite. When you take such supplements monitor your food intake to see if you have an increase in appetite.

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