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4 Ways Avoiding alcohol Instantly Improves Your Health

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People have different stories of how and when they started drinking alcohol and why they are still drinking until now. Some were driven by curiosity, while some drank to reduce stress, to ease emotional and physical pain, to break away from reality, or just to enjoy the taste. The positive effects to people of being intoxicated with alcohol are one of the main reasons why they never stop drinking alcohol. But as with all things, there is always a darker side of the picture. When you drink alcohol, the liver becomes damaged, and you are also depleted of nutrients. Here are facts that proclaim how your body would benefit from ultimately avoiding alcohol.

1. These are the negative effects of alcohol to the body, to name a few: dehydration, vitamin deficiency, and the chances of experiencing flare-ups, dilation of blood vessels, and imbalanced levels of estrogen and testosterone, and welcomes pimples to your face. All unfavorable consequence mentioned are accountable for making you look older than your age. If you want to regain, maintain or have a youthful appearance, you would have to stop drinking alcohol.

2. Alcohol is not a substitute for sleeping pills. If the reason why you drink alcohol is because you desire to have a deep, blissful sleep, then you are in the wrong track. Your body metabolizes alcohol while you sleep, causing sleep interruption. Sleep disorders may also originate from alcohol because alcohol affects the chemical in the brain, which in turn affects sleep.

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3. Drinkers find alcohol soothing and relieving in general, which is true. But, these good benefits are short-lived. Eventually, alcohol shows its true face by ripping you off of vitamins, calories, and key nutrients, living you susceptible to a wide variety of health hazards such as breast cancer for women and anxiety attacks for men.

4. The destructive effect of alcohol to the liver is common knowledge. What is rarely realized about our live is the fact that it’s the primary organ in charge of the disposal of hormonal waste, fat excretion, fat burning, and detoxification. When alcohol damages the entire liver, it also obviously means that the liver’s pathways responsible for burning fats are affected.

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