4 Ways in Achieving Thick Eyebrows

Lately the new trend for eyebrows is thick and full arches. The time for Audrey Hepburn’s thick eyebrows and Marilyn Monroe’s eyebrow arch is back. Unfortunately, not all of us given the gift of thick and full eyebrows. Thankfully, there are now products and trick that can help us achieve thicker and natural looking brows.

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Methods to Getting Thick Eyebrows:

• Applying Vaseline around and on the eyebrow can help thicken and moisturize the eyebrows. Apply it twice or thrice a day. You can also apply a thick amount overnight in areas that have thinning hair. This will thicken up the hair and create more volume. This can also be applied in eyelashes
• Use natural oils in your eyebrows. Massage oils such as castor, olive, almond and coconut oil on the eyebrows at least two times a day. The natural vitamin E and other nutrients in these oils will promote hair growth and moisturize the hair. Doing this can add volume to the eyebrows.
• Create an artificial thick eyebrows using eye pencils or powder. Use mascara wand to apply powder on the eyebrow. Apply a color that is a shade darker than your hair color this will give the illusions of thicker eyebrows. When filling in your eyebrows use light strokes to create natural looking brows.
• Leave the tweezers alone, your hair will not have a chance to grow out if you keep plucking them. Too much plucking can damage hair follicles and permanently damage hair.
• Use hair growth formulas in your eyebrows. Use formulas that are made for hair growth, even products for men. These formulas are specifically designed to promote hair growth and thicken hair.
• Use your conditioner on your eyebrows. Massage it on during your shower. This will help promote circulation and moisture.

Eyebrows are really hard to manage. One wrong pluck can change the shape of your brows. It is always best to invest in them, go to a professional and as them for the right shape for your face. They will give you options for brow shapes, pick one you want and maintain it. If you want to change your eyebrow shape let it grow for a few months and follow these tips, then reshape them.

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