5 Amazing Beauty Facts About Flax Seeds

Flax seeds may be small but they pack a lot of health benefits. For centuries now, these powerful seeds have been revered for their nutritional content as well as medicinal properties. Although it’s possible to eat them whole, most experts recommend ground ones to make the all the health-giving goodness within more accessible to humans. Continue reading why you should head to the aisle where all the flax seeds are the next time you step foot inside the local supermarket.

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  1. Flax seeds contain omega-3 fatty acids that promote excellent heart-health. These good types of fats prevent clogging of the arteries as they lubricate their walls, thus keeping plaque and cholesterol from sticking onto them. Flax seeds are also excellent sources of insoluble fiber that helps keep the arteries clear, allowing the blood to flow through them freely.
  1. You can obtain the daily recommended amounts of omega-3 fatty acids simply by consuming a couple of tablespoons of ground flax seeds. Apart from these nutrient-dense seeds, other good sources of those heart-friendly fatty acids are oily fish. Some examples include mackerel, salmon, trout, tuna, sardines, haddock and cod. Oysters and shrimps have them too.
  1. The consumption of flax seeds also helps deal with chronic inflammation. Medical experts say that many health problems stem from inflammation continuously going on within the body, ranging from acne, psoriasis, arthritis, diabetes to obesity. Their anti-inflammatory effects also make flax seeds highly effective in lowering your risk of having deadly cancer.
  1. Weight-watchers can benefit tremendously from eating flax seeds. That’s because the high-fiber content of these super but diminutive foods makes the stomach feel full, saving a dieter from eating too much as well as feeling hungry shortly after having a meal. Fiber in flax seeds also promotes regular bowel movement, effectively keeping constipation at bay.
  1. Flax seeds are packed with antioxidants that help slow down the natural process of aging. Antioxidants defend healthy cells of the body against the clutches of free radicals. These unstable molecules that result from metabolic processes stabilize themselves by robbing cells of their electrons, leaving them damaged. The consumption of flax seeds helps ward off excess free radicals, allowing your skin to glow with health as well as saving it from developing premature aging signs.
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