5 Cooking Mistakes You Should Avoid That Cause Weight Gain

Cooking is a workmanship and having the knowledge of what is right and wrong in the kitchen is one of the simplest approaches to get in shape. Sometimes, we make some errors while cooking foods that cause us issues with weight gain. Here are five of the cooking errors that you must stay away from.

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1. Not adding spices in your foods.

We use oils, sugars and salts to better the flavors of our foods but it dramatically counts up the calorie of foods. Ditch those sugars, butter, oil, or salt and use spices instead so your taste buds would not crave when it doesn’t need to. A good explanation is this: eating foods that taste very good may cause us to feel “hungry” when it’s really just our taste buds craving flavors. You’ll then give in to the temptation, start eating, and start gaining weight.

2. Excessive oil.

It is common knowledge that the only purpose of oil in cooking food is to prevent the food from sticking to the pan. You don’t need more oil than what is required. If the food isn’t sticking anymore, put the oil container down, and you’re good. If your food was cooked in excessive oil, then the calories in it are piled. Try investing in a non-stick pan instead so you won’t have to use oil anymore. But, there are harmful non-stick pans out there and that’s another topic.

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3. Wrong oil.

Pour oil into their respective containers. Otherwise, your scrambled eggs may end up tasting like olives. For salad dressings, use walnut or olive oil. For sautéing and grilling, use oils that have high smoke points such as, sunflower, coconut, and grapeseed oils.

4. Always bake with the roasting pan.

Baking is an incredible approach to lower the calories of foods. Yet unless you place your beef on a rack, it’s simply going to soak up its own oil, foiling your weight reduction attempts. Next time you bake some pork, steak, fish, or even poultry in the oven, make beyond any doubt it’s on a roasting pan—or a wire rack beneath the baking dish.

5. One serving does not rule them all.

Not everyone is a binge eater. Meaning to say, serve food just enough to make the hunger go away.

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