5 Factors that Negatively Affect Memory Function

If you are a student and want to excel, or if you’re an employee and you need to constantly be able to remember everything your boss says, then you will need a powerful memory. Memory applies for other things too such as remembering new faces in your office or remembering where you left your car keys. There are numerous ways on how to enhance your memory and some of those methods require you to eat nuts and grains or take memory enhancer supplements.

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The factors below can be avoided very easily compared to others, and can be managed by balancing diets rich in nutrients and vitamins.

1. The hazardous effects of smoking in our health range from simple bad breathe to lung cancer. One hazardous effect related to memory loss is smoking impairs the blood’s ability to flow towards the brain. Abnormal proteins develop inside the brain that buildup and impair the relay of information.

2. Depression and anxiety cause brain losing synapses, especially the increase in cortisol levels. Without the function of these synapses, the neurons would not be able to communicate and it would be harder to both retrieve and encode memories.

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3. Thyroid disease, despite being in the neck, affects the brain and memory function in some way. It has been linked with the ability to focus and impaired concentration. Actually, thyroid disease sometimes masks itself as a mental disorder.

4. You cannot have a lack of sleep. It will diminish your health and mental capacity. Try to get eight hours of sleep every single day. Alternatively, take short naps In the afternoon to make up for insufficient hours of sleep to rejuvenate your brain power.

5. Menopause has a relation with memory issues but is usually temporary. Hot flashes experienced by women during menopause affects the mind’s ability to retrieve and encode memories as well as lack of sleep.

Losing your memory or the slightest part of what you need to remember can be disastrous and a hassle. Strengthen your memory by following the mentioned tips.

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