5 Facts To Learn Why Moisturized Skin Is Beneficial

Your skin really needs moisture, regardless your country of origin and all other excuses you could think of.  Learn the facts about why it’s vital to make sure that your skin is always properly hydrated.

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Fact #1: It keeps your skin clear

One common cause of acne is being dehydrated skin since it’s easier for the sebum to harden on dry environments and clog your pores. Drinking lots of H20 can help you fight this, but because you can’t control where the water will be distributed in your body, you need to help your skin by applying a good moisturizer. Choose the one with collagen and glycerin since these ingredients can give your complexion the hydration boost it needs.


Fact#2: It boosts elasticity

When your skin is moisturized, your cells plump up and give you a firmer, more youthful-looking appearance. A quick way to check if you’re in desperate need of more moisture: Pinch the skin on the back of your hand, pull it upwards, and let go. If your skin snaps back right away, then congratulations you’re in the safe zone. If your skin retains the pinched shape for a few seconds before going back to normal, then you’re beginning to see the effects of dehydration via loss of firmness. This means that you should start hydrating instantly!


Fact#3: It stops excess oil

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The more hydrated your skin is, the less oil it will require to produce. Most people think that when applying a moisturizer can make your breakout or make your skin even oilier, but this technique can actually give you the opposite effect. In order to balance your complexion and keep it hydrated, reach for a gel moisturizer. Your skin can easily absorb this formula and its lightweight texture won’t leave you with a greasy, heavy feel.


Fact #4: It helps lighten wrinkles

Studies show that women with well-hydrated faces develop wrinkles a lot more slowly than those with dry skin. In order to keep these unwanted face creases away, make sure you always have the best anti-aging moisturizer in your beauty arsenal. Tip: Choose the ones with ingredients such as retinol, glycerin, and alpha hydroxy acids.


Fact #5: It makes you feel less uncomfortable

When your skin isn’t moisturized, it feels itchy, tight, and just plain irritable especially when you’re stuck in an airconditioned office all day. It may not seem like a big deal, but this feeling can actually stress you out subconsciously and cumulatively distract you from producing better work. Avoid this by parking travel-friendly sizes of moisturizer and lotion by your desk, so you can easily re-apply throughout the day and soothe your skin.

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