5 Fast Facts About Underarm Rashes

The armpit is the perfect breeding ground for infection and bacteria. It is moist, dark and warm. Bacteria when left untreated can turn into underarm odor. This is why deodorants were invented.

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Sometimes deodorants, other chemicals products, plucking, shaving and microbes can create irritating underarm rashes. Rashes can come in different forms, it can be inflamed patches, pimples and tiny red bumps. Rashes can hurt and itch.

Here are 5 fast facts about underarm rashes.

Heat Rash 
Painful inflammation caused by blocked sweat ducts can produce heat rash. Blocked sweat duct can be caused by ingrown hair, pore blockage and other factors. Avoid getting heat rah by determining its origin. Avoid getting heat by wearing loose fitting clothes, avoid staying in hot and humid areas and avoid using pore clogging creams and powders.

The skin in our underarm is sensitive; scarping it over and over with a razor will cause it irritation. This is the number one cause of dark underarms. Avoid this by using shaving cream and conditioners to protect the skin.

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Contact dermatitis happens when irritants contacts the skin and causes a rash. Avoid products that have high contents of irritants. If you suffer allergy from certain products avoid using it further. This will just cause further irritation.

If the irritation is setting in and causing discomfort and pain, reach for an anti rash cream. You can find relief from creams and lotion that are specifically made to target rashes. Calamine lotion is one of the most famous products to use on skin. A natural remedy to rashes? An oatmeal bath soak.

The under arms and our inner thighs are parts of our body that experience the most friction. You will notice that both of these sections of skin is easily irritated. Friction and moisture is never a good combination. This causes the epidermis to breakdown and cause inflammation in the skin. This also makes fungus and bacteria penetrate skin effortlessly. Avoid Friction by wearing loose fitting clothes and make sure to keep the underarm cool and dry.

Having underarm rash doesn’t mean you’re unhygienic. Rashes can come from different factors. Learning the triggers of your rashes, you’ll learn how to prevent them.

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