5 Foods that are Surprisingly High in Fiber

Fiber is often associated with several trips to the bathroom but believe it or not, we need this nutrient to help cleanse our digestive system. A clean digestive system can actually reduce your risk of suffering from obesity, heart problems, and other health issues because you are able to eliminate wastes from your body efficiently. The only problem is that a lot of people don’t have enough fiber in their diet hence they are prone to acquiring various diseases.

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If your diet is seriously lacking in the fiber department, it is time to step up your game and rehash your current food choices. To get enough fiber in your system daily, you might want to integrate these foods as they are all surprisingly high in fiber content.

Lentils. This is food is considered a star in many kitchens because one, they are easy to cook, and two, they are more versatile compared to other types of legumes. Plus a cup of cooked lentils can deliver 15.6 grams of fiber. What’s great about lentils is that you can transform them into a variety of dishes that are surprisingly good even when you are not fond of them.

Broccoli. How about adding some nice greens to your plate? Broccoli contains up to 5.1 grams of fiber per cup. You can boil it, steam it, or eat it raw if you like. No matter how you prepare this cruciferous vegetable, you will definitely get that fiber inside of you to help boost digestion. If you want to make a dish out of it, just combine eggs, onion, garlic, almond and broccoli and you will see how quickly your broccoli disappears from the table.

Onions. Did you know that onions also contain fiber? A medium sized onion contains up to 2 grams of fiber. It is quite small to be sure but nevertheless, onions have inulin which is a type of water-soluble fiber that can reduce your cholesterol levels. If you are going to break down fiber supplements, you will find that inulin is often added to it but adding onions to your dishes may prove to be sufficient enough to get some fiber into your system.

Apples. Well, you don’t really have to look very far when it comes to fiber because apples certainly have them. According to health experts, any food that contains 3 grams of fiber or more can be considered as a good source of this nutrient and apple definitely fits the bill as it has 4 grams of fiber. Snacking on this fruit can help stave off hunger while at the same time ensuring that your digestive system is working well.

Oatmeal. Starting your day with oatmeal seems like a pretty good idea as it has plenty of fiber in it. You can dress it up with some raspberries or blueberries if you like for an added punch so you will also get more vitamins and minerals into your system.

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