5 Good Reasons to Give Up Your Alcohol Intake

To delight in the taste, to escape from reality, to ease physical and emotional pain, to reduce stress or simply give in to your curiosity – these are the leading factors why people drink alcohol. While these are indeed positive benefits, the concept of light and dark cannot exist without each other becomes a big truth. There are consequences to these positive benefits such as a damaged liver and a depleted source of nutrients.

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One good reason to avoid your intake of alcohol is to understand the negative effects. Dilation of blood vessels, flare-ups, vitamin deficiency, imbalance in estrogen levels and testosterone, pimples on the face, and dehydration are the negative effects to name a few. All these make you look older. If it’s a youthful appearance that you want, you ought to stop drinking alcohol.

Second reason is that you must understand that you can’t swap sleeping pills with alcohol. “Your body metabolizes alcohol while you sleep, causing sleep interruption. Sleep disorders may also originate from alcohol because alcohol affects the chemical in the bran, which in turn affects sleep,” said a researcher.

Third reason is while alcohol is a reliever and soothing, these benefits quickly fade away only to be replaced of such a mess that rips you of key nutrients, calories, and vitamins. This leaves you vulnerable to health hazards and diseases from breast cancer to anxiety attacks.

Fourth reason is the destruction of liver by the alcohol. “What is rarely realized about our liver is the fact that it’s the primary organ in charge of the disposal of hormonal waste, fat excretion, fat burning, and detoxification. When alcohol damages the entire liver, it also obviously means that the liver’s pathways responsible for burning fats are affected. This means that your weight gain would increase,” a researcher from a university school in New York said.

Lastly, alcohol consumption would have been alright if it wasn’t for addictive, excessive, heavy consumption, which causes the body to crave and adapt to it. Those who have been drinking heavily and then suddenly stop will experience what are called “withdrawal symptoms” which include shakes, seizures, confusion, tremors, and hallucinations.

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