5 Grounding Rituals to Revive Your Energy

If you’ve been dabbling with health and wellness, including spiritual practices, you may have come across the term grounding. But what does this word really mean? Grounding is basically a term used to refer to bringing balance back to your body by connecting (not always) with the earth. This practice is about becoming more present in the here and now, so that you will be able to regain control over your spirit and keep it grounded. Grounding is when you become the boss of your own mind and body and be the one to control its fate, so that you won’t be spending your energy in useless pursuits.

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How do you get yourself grounded? If you want to revive your energy, these rituals are worth trying out.

Green therapy

One of the best ways for you to get grounded is to practice green therapy. As the name suggests, this practice is all about surrounding yourself, and being with plants and taking care of them. And it’s not just watering them per se, but actually paying attention to how you water the plants, how you talk to them, and how you raise them too. You will find that spending time in the garden and allowing yourself to be in the now while tending to your plants make you more grounded afterwards.


This may be the last thing in your mind when it comes to grounding, but this is actually one of the best practices for this process. You see, when we eat, most of us just shovel the food down our throats because we need to rush to our work. Unfortunately, this means that our mind is elsewhere hence we are not aware that we are eating more than is necessary. By practicing grounding, you will be able to ground yourself in the present, where you will be able to savor your food better, and to learn when your belly is full or not.

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Another technique that will help you feel more grounded is to use visualization. Those who have been practicing healing, often ask their clients to try visualizing themselves as a tree. And because they are a tree, they will need to reach into the earth to get the power and the energy that they need to grow and bear fruits. This visualization has helped many individuals, who tend to be off to daydreaming, appear more grounded. You too can practice this technique if you want to be able to live in the now.

Cuddling your pet

If you have a pet cat or dog at home, then you are off to a good start in learning what grounding is all about. You’re probably petting and cuddling your furry friend all the time which is one of the easiest techniques to ground yourself to the earth since they are closer to the earth. This simple act can actually be beneficial not just to your pet, but also to you as you are teaching yourself the art of grounding.

Grounding gemstones

Another technique that will help you with grounding is to get your hands on a hematite gemstone. This silver-gray metallic stone is often used by those who need help with grounding as it acts like an anchor for you, so that you will be present in the now. There are other gemstones as well that you can use for your grounding such as black tourmaline, obsidian, onyx, ruby, and red coral. Incorporating them in your jewelry or just holding them, can help you practice grounding wherever you go.

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