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5 Home Remedies for Dehydration

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Tap some tap water regularly. Being properly hydrated is a condition the body needs to function well. The cells need to be hydrated. The body is composed of at least 60 percent water. In cases of dehydration, try these simple remedies and keep yourself hydrated.


When overheated, you may suck on ice rub it throughout the body. This will cool you down and stop excessive evaporation that causes dehydration. To restore water content in the body, a Popsicle is a great choice. It is the easiest way to give fluids to the kids. Get an empty bottle and freeze some water at the bottom. You may add water as you go. This will give you access to cold water every time you need it. You may prepare a second bottle of frozen water if you need more.

Sports Drinks

Besides restoring the lost water content, sports drinks contain electrolytes and potassium. Electrolytes are substances that are responsible for carrying electric impulses in the body. Sodium, chlorine in blood, tissue fluid, and potassium are salt substances that belong to the electrolyte group.


Pretzels, salty nuts, or salted crackers are good options to go with when you experience heat injuries, mild dehydration symptoms and even excessive sweating that makes you lose salt content. Use the salt as a scrub to remove the dry skin from the body. This will result to a smoother skin. It helps with the circulation and helps restore health back to the skin. If dehydration comes with itchiness, get a bath with salted water.

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Watery Fruits

Bananas make a good option as they are rich in potassium and high in water content. Dried cantaloupe, strawberries, and watermelon are great choices. Cucumbers make a good addition, too. Add a teaspoon of lime juice, a teaspoon of sugar, and a pinch of salt to a pint of water. Have this all throughout the day to fight off dehydration.

Bland Foods

Dehydration might cause cramps in the stomach. It is best to go with foods that the body finds easy to digest. Rice, bananas, soda crackers, flavored gelatins, and potatoes are examples of these foods. Gelatin’s high water content makes it the perfect choice.

Sixteen ounces of water at the beginning and end of the day is a great habit against dehydration, Drinking water regularly is the best prevention against dehydration. Always carry a water bottle with you.


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