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5 Home Remedies for Itching

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Itching is caused by many factors. Besides insect bites, it can also be an allergic reaction to something that was ingested or something that we came across with.

The list below mentions ingredients and their uses to bring relief and deal with itchiness.

 Aloe Vera Besides its ability to treat burns, aloe vera’s contents that treat inflammation and blistering stops itching, too. Take a leaf, slice it in the middle, then take the gel and rub it on the itchy skin.


Basil. Apply some basil tea on the skin. Eugenol in basil leaves acts as a topical anesthetic. In a pint of boiling water, add ½ ounce of dried basil leaves. Keep it tightly covered. Let it cool. Use the solution to apply to itchy skin. Apply a piece cloth dipped into the solution into the affected area. Repeat as often as needed.

Mint. You may also use mint to rinse of the part of the skin affected by itching and even hives. The menthol in mint has great anti-inflammatory and anesthetic properties when used topically. Mint has rosmarinic acid, an anti-inflammatory agent that the skin absorbs readily.

Thyme Thymol is another anti-inflammatory agent that numbs the itch. It also prevents the inflammation of the skin caused by scratching.

Juniper Berries Make a salve by melting 3 ounces of unsalted butter in a sauce pan. In another pan, melt a lump of beeswax. Once the beeswax has melted, mix with the butter and stir. Add at least 5 tablespoons of juniper berries (ground) and 3 cloves (ground) and stir. Let it cool. Use this solution to apply on itchy skin.

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Lemon Lemon’s aromatic contents are great anesthetic and anti-inflammatory agents. These are responsible for reduced itching. Slice and Squeeze lemons on the itchy parts and dry.

Baking Soda and Oatmeal

Soak in a bath of baking soda. Add a cup of baking soda into a tub of water. Soak from 30 minutes to 60 minutes and dry. You can make a paste, too. Use 3 parts of of baking soda and a part of water. Never apply on broken skin.

For oatmeals, add at least two cups of ground oatmeal to a warm bath to relieve the skin from itchiness. One of the best feelings in the world relief from itchiness, hence, we are tempted to scratch the affected parts all the time. These home remedies are sure to help you deal with itchiness.

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