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5 Important Facts About Cellulite You Should Know

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There are not enough words to describe how annoying having cellulite can be. What’s sad is that cellulite will almost always become a part of the life of women. Cellulite can appear on anyone’s skin since it appears due to the stretching and tearing of collagen fibers that hold the fat to the skin which cause the expansion of fat cells.

For those who want to know more about their body as well as cellulite and the best ways to get rid of these marks, read on.

1. Fat and cellulite are different.

Cellulite can be described as the dimples and bumps that you see in your skin due to the fats that have been divided into small pockets in your skin. Don’t confuse the two.

2. Do men have cellulite?

It may seem unfair but the skin collagen in women is in parallel rows making the compartmentalization of cellulite and fat to be quite visible. Men, on the other hand, have their collagen set in an x pattern making their fat compartments tiny thus preventing skin dimpling.

3. OTC creams can help.

Watch out for products that have retinol or caffeine. Retinol is known to help with cell recovery while caffeine is handy when it comes to stimulating the blood flow to diminish fat cells. Experts say that use a cream that contains retinol first before applying a cream that has caffeine.

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4. Cellulite may not disappear when you lose weight.

The more the fat in your body increases the higher the chances that cellulite will be visible. However, even if you shed a few pounds, the tissue will still be damaged and stretched out. The amount of cellulite usually depends on genes, hormonal imbalances, as well as inflammations which mean that even if you have lost several ponds, it won’t really make your cellulite disappear.

5. UV rays can have a bad impact on your cellulite.

This is another reason why you should apply sun cream all the time. Skin collagen can be damaged when exposed to UV rays making your cellulite more visible. Choose sunscreen with high SPF.

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