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5 Morning Drinks You Should Avoid That Make You Fat

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Breakfast is the most essential meal in a day. What you eat at determines the energy you will have for the day. For busy people, breakfast is just too time-consuming so they just settle with morning drinks. However, they do not get along well with people into losing weight. These are some of those drinks that make you fat:


Ready-made smoothies brought from stores have more tendencies of making you fat. To make theses smoothies more attractive to consumers, sugar is added. The extra sugar is the extra calories or fat added in your diet. Unless you want to gain weight, fruit smoothies should be avoided in heavy breakfasts.

High  Fat Yogurt

Being low in fat and being high in protein, yogurt is a common name among healthy drinks. Usually consumed as part of a breakfast (and sometimes replace it), some yogurts are used as morning drink replacement which is high in calories, sugar and fat. 200 calories are added to your breakfast. If you had to go for yogurt, health experts advise Greek yogurt. Greek yogurt is packed with protein. It keeps you feeling full for a longer period of time.

Banana Milkshake

Bananas are packed in calcium and potassium, placing them among the necessary food sources. However, it is also considered as a high-calorie content up to 100 calories, sometimes even more.

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Special Coffee

Better weight loss process and faster body metabolism are two of the many effects of drinking coffee. Coffee extract is one of those that belong to many weight loss pills featured among many other supplements. A cup of coffee may reach up to at least 200 calories.

Chocolate Milk

Chocolates are without doubt delicious. However, if you are trying to lose weight, it is a bad idea for you. It has more calories than regular milk and its nutritional value is lower than other other alternatives.

Chocolate milk can reach up to 200 to 250 calories in just one glass. It also contains five grams of unsaturated fat. It is a fattening alternative to regular milk which has just 70 calories in a serving.

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