5 Must Eat Foods to Lose Weight

It is true! Foods that taste great, can help you lose weight AND boost metabolism Impossible? In fact there are many whole foods that do just that! Here are just 5 must eat foods to lose weight AND Boost Metabolism.

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Next time you are grocery shopping keep these foods in mind.

Beans hould be a regular feature in your diet given the countless benefits. These are such a natural versatile food, high in fiber, very filling because they are slow to digest, very inexpensive and a wonderful source of protein. You do not need many beans or calories to feel full and should not be dismissed if you need to lose weight. Also, there are so many varieties of beans, some better than others, but all filled with goodness.

Natural whole foods are far more powerful for weight reduction than their by products. Apple juice and applesauce do not pack nearly the same punch as a whole crunchy apple. A fresh apple will help blunt your appetite more successfully. Also, the fiber in whole apples is far more filling and chewing tells your brain that you have actually eaten. Kids love them too.

Almonds and Walnuts
Both almonds and walnuts are contain rich sources of vitamin E, an essential antioxidant that also fights free-radicals in your body. Nuts and the vitamin E help strengthen your hair, provides healing and nourishment to your skin. It also helps calm nerves and stress through the high levels or magnesium and vitamin B2. Cortisol released during times of stress will cause weight increases. Also, almonds have noticeable amounts of B2 which will elevate your energy while boosting your metabolism.

Spicy Foods
All spicy foods have natural chemicals that give your metabolism a real kick start. Using flavorful ingredients such as one tablespoon of green or red chili peppers can give a real boost to your metabolism. Who does not want to move their metabolism into top gear? Make sure you eat spicy food regularly because the benefits are only temporary, but eating these natural ingredients often will add up. These tasty natural spices can spice up any dish and will turn bland pasta and stews into something irresistible.

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Dark Chocolate
Everybody’s favorite. Chocolate! Stick to dark chocolate to help you lose weight and reduce your metabolism. It’s OK to enjoy a small portion, one or two squares, between meals but be careful. Try and avoid milk chocolate as it is packed with sugar.

A recent study showed that those who were given dark chocolate ate 15% less pizza than those who only ate milk chocolate.

According to Heather Mangieri, RD and spokesman for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, “Certain foods can help you shed body weight, because they help you feel full longer and help curb cravings.”

Next time you are grocery shopping, or find yourself in a restaurant consider making choices that are good for you.

Source: thenaturalcure.com, fitlife.com

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