5 Must-Have Gadgets If You’re Serious on Losing Weight

Healthy eating and regular exercise — fitness experts say that these two are very important for making those unwanted pounds go away effectively. By teaming up with this dynamic duo, you can fight off those evil bulges. Arming yourself with certain gadgets can also help in taking those supervillains behind bars.

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If you are a tech-savvy individual who is bent on having a slimmer figure, continue reading. Below you will come across some of those gadgets that you may count on to help you keep track of your progress.


Also known as a step counter, a pedometer is a tiny electronic device that counts each and every step you take. While some pedometers also indicate the number of miles covered and calories burned, the figures are all estimates.

If you really want to lose weight, it’s a wonderful idea for you to take 10,000 steps a day, and a pedometer can help you keep track of the number of steps made throughout the day. Doing that many steps on a daily basis is also said to be very effective in considerably lowering a person’s risk of having osteoporosis one day.

Heart Rate Monitor

Perhaps you have read or heard somewhere that you should aim to target 70 to 85 percent of your heart rate when you are exercising to get the most benefits from working out and also to drop those excess pounds effectively.

Computing your target heart rate is fairly easy. All you have to do is subtract your age from 220 to get your maximum heart rate. Once you have identified your maximum heart rate, multiply that by your target heart rate zone. If you’re 35 years old and you wish to go for 80 percent: 220 – 35 = 185 maximum heart rate, and then 185 x 0.80 = 148 beats a minute. This means that you should get your heart rate to 148 per beats minute while exercising. With a heart rate monitor, it can be very easy for you to tell each time whether or not you are in the right zone.

Bluetooth Earphones

Most people have a hard time getting their regular dose of exercise because they say that it can get very boring at times. One way to keep boredom at bay while exercising is by listening to music via a pair of Bluetooth earphones.

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Because there are no cables involved, you can exercise without impediment or the risk of accidentally yanking your cell phone out of your pocket. When shopping, it’s a great idea for you to opt for a pair that’s waterproof so there is no need for you to worry about your gadget even if you’re already very sweaty.

Smart Scale

There are bathroom scales that tell you how much you weigh. Then there are smart scales that can provide other pieces of information that a weight-watcher like you should also know about.

While costing a lot, lot more that a regular bathroom scale, a smart scale is also designed to provide other details such as your heart rate, muscle mass, bone mass, body fat percentage, among many others. And by the way, a smart scale can also send those figures to your cell phone or compatible fitness band. Really smart, huh?

Smart Water Bottle

Always remember the importance of keeping your body hydrated properly whether or not you are exercising. To ensure that you are glugging down enough water, it’s a great idea for you to get your hands on a smart water bottle.

Some of the most sophisticated smart water bottles out there are able to calculate the ideal amount of water you should be drinking per day and how much you have already consumed. Charged via USB, some of these innovative products even remind you when it’s time for you to glug down water by lighting up or sounding off.

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