5 Natural DIY Cold & Flu Remedies

Breeze through cold and flu season sniffle-free with these genius cures

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To speed recovery…
I got a terrible cold days before I was to be a bridesmaid at a wedding. The mother of the bride brought me ¼ cup of chopped garlic in tomato juice to drink, and the cold was gone in a day or two. No one wanted to get close to me for about a week, but I looked good in the pictures!

To curb a cough…
Cayenne pepper and honey work great.

To kick a cold or the flu…
Try olive leaf extract. It will make your illness a lot shorter. It also kills viruses!

To avoid sick days…
I swear by tea, especially white, for its high antioxidant levels.
Doctor’s note: White tea is antioxidant rich, but green tea is the standout in research on cold and flu defense.

To fight the flu…
Take pure elderberry drops, capsules, or soft gels at the onset of symptoms.

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