5 Natural Ingredients that Help Remove Dark Spots

Dark spots are the bane of people who want to have smooth, flawless skin. They can appear as freckles, moles or as liver spots. Dark spots are basically changes in our pigmentation caused by a number of factors like age, antibiotics, exposure to the sun, pregnancy, liver problems or just plain old genetics.
It is possible to get rid of dark spots naturally. Here are 5 easy and effective ways to neutralize dark spots.

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1. Aloe Vera and its Rejuvenating Power
Aloe vera is known for its antibacterial and rejuvenating properties and has long been advertised for its benefits to the skin. You can lighten your skin’s dark spots by applying aloe vera gel to it every day. Massage the gel in and let the dark spot soak it up.

2. Bananas and Lemons: A Perfect Match for an Even Skin Tone
One of the best and known method for an even skin tone makes use of bananas and lemons. Peel a banana and cut into pieces. Mash into a puree and mix with lemon juice. Apply on your dark spots everyday and watch as it gradually match your skin tone.

3. Lemon Juice for Whiter Skin
Squeeze out the juice from one lemon. Soak a cotton ball with the juice and apply on the dark spot. Rub vigorously for about 5 minutes. The lemon’s citric acid acts as a naturally occurring whitening ingredient by exfoliating and removing the skin’s dead cells, thereby making the dead spots match the rest of your skin tone. But bear in mind that you shouldn’t do this if you will go out under the sun afterwards.

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4. Onions: Best for Getting Rid of Age Spots
Slice an onion and vigorously scrub on dark spots for about 5 minutes every day.

5. Papaya and the Benefits of Papain
Peel the skin off a ripe papaya. Apply on affected area and leave it on for a few minutes. Rinse off with cold water. Repeat 3 to 4 times a week. Papaya contains papain, an enzyme that helps minimize dead skin cells.

These are tried and tested home remedies, but their effectiveness will depend on how consistent you do them. It’s also important that you should use the freshest ingredients that you can find and to minimize your exposure to the sun after using these treatments. It’s best to do these treatments at night to ensure the best possible results.

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