5 Natural Remedies to Try for Arthritis in Hands

Arthritis can flare up from unexpectedly, and when this happens, your daily activities can be affected considerably. Even with the use of medication, the pain can still be debilitating at times. If you want to get relief, seeking help from other alternatives may help alleviate the pain that you are feeling. Although many are considering alternative medicine for their arthritis, you still need to discuss it with your doctor. What natural remedies are found to help with arthritis? Here are five natural remedies that you should try out.


 If you are not familiar with Boswellia, its other name is frankincense, and it appears that it is useful for arthritis flareups because it has anti-inflammatory properties. What this herb does is that it can help block substances that are attacking your healthy joints. You can get this in topical creams or in tablet form, but you need to keep in mind that there is not enough evidence that this may actually work in eliminating arthritis.


Eucalyptus has been around for ages and it’s been frequently used by our ancestors in numerous medical treatments. When the eucalyptus leaves are applied topically, it can be used to alleviate the pain caused by arthritis. This is because the tannins present can reduce the pain as well as swelling in your hands.


You’ve probably used turmeric in your cooking, but did you know that you can use it for your arthritis flare ups too? Turmeric works because of its anti-inflammatory properties which can reduce the swelling on the joints of your hands. This is more effective when taken orally, so you can incorporate it in your cooking, or take supplements containing turmeric to help reduce the pain caused by arthritis.

Green tea

We all know that green tea is a popular herbal beverage that is linked to weight loss, but did you know that you can also use it to help with your arthritis problems? Just like the rest of the herbal remedies here, green tea has been found to reduce the swelling in your body. You can take it as a tincture, in tablet form, or as beverage.

Aloe vera

You’ll never go wrong with using aloe vera when it comes to treating the pain caused by arthritis flare ups. You can massage the gel on the inflamed area to help soothe it.

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