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5 Quick Remedies for Tired Eyes

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Our eyes can get tired easily especially when we are staring at our computer screens for hours on end or we are reading books for several hours without giving our eyes time to rest. When this happens, our eyes tend to twitch and look puffy which can also affect our vision. Although resting our eyes is one of the best ways to bring back the natural health of our eyes, there are other steps that you can do to resolve this problem. Here are 5 quick remedies that you can use when your eyes are tired.

Origins no puffery cooling mask. This product is one of the best solutions for tired eyes as it contains yeast extract, which can reduce hyperpigmentation, and aloe vera extract, to soothe and hydrate your eyes. You can leave it on for 5 to 10 minutes or wear it underneath your day cream for further protection.

Tea bags. Your tea bags aren’t just for giving you some nice, soothing drink but they can also be used to reduce the puffiness of your eyes. To use this treatment, simply place two used teabags in the fridge at least 15 minutes before you use them to cool them down. Place the teabags on your eyes and let them stay for 30 minutes. You will find that your eyes will look less tired compared to before.

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Philosophy miracle eye repair cream. Most face and anti-aging creams contain retinoid which is found to prevent signs of aging from appearing. However, it is seldom used around the eyes because it might cause irritation. This eye repair cream, on the other hand, is quite different in the sense that, although it contains retinoid, it doesn’t come with any side effects like redness on the skin when applied. If you want to make your eyes look less tired, you should apply this cream two times a day.

Have more water. Another possible cause of puffy and tired looking eyes is that your body lacks water already. When this happens, dehydration can set which can leave your eyes puffy and unattractive. A quick remedy for this is to increase your intake of water so that your skin will remain smooth, supple, and less prone to puffiness.

Cucumber. This is a tried and tested remedy for tired eyes that has been used for ages. Slice some cucumber and place them over your eyes. Leave them for 30 minutes or until you feel a change in your eyes’ condition. The juices from the cucumber can hydrate the skin around your eyes so that they will look fresh afterwards.

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These are just a few examples of quick solutions to reducing the appearance of tired eyes. What’s great about these remedies is that they can be done anywhere. You don’t have to be under the mercy of puffy and tired looking eyes anymore especially since you can follow the steps mentioned above to reveal fresh eyes.

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