5 Reasons Why You Should Take Cold Showers

Taking a cold shower may not be that appealing to many, but the thing is, doing that from time to time may actually do you some good health-wise. Modern-culture probably turned most people into comfort-obsessed individuals that they’ve forgotten the benefits of taking showers in the cold. So just a reminder, these are some of the health benefits one might get from taking cold showers.

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1. Cold showers improve blood circulation

You should know that cold showers increase the blood flow through the body pumping more of it into your vital organs. This can be very beneficial to your cardio system and can help lower your blood pressure, prevent arterial hardening and the appearance of varicose veins.

2. Cold water can be a good anti-depressant

When you bathe in cold water, you’ll get an instant adrenaline rush, thanks to the overwhelming number of electrical impulses sent from your peripheral nerves to your brain. This can provide you with a good anti-depressive effect.

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3. Cold water is really good for your hair and skin

To reduce frizz in your hair and maintain shine, you need to wash it with cold water every once in a while. Hot water has the tendency to dry your hair out whereas cold water can leave it taut, less wrinkly and firm.

4. Cold water can enhance your athletic capabilities

Several studies published at the American Journal of Physiology stated that the athletes who immerse themselves in cold water after intense trainings are proven to complete more work during subsequent trainings. This could result to enhancements in their long-term trainings due to adaptation.

5. Cold water improves mental prowess

You have to admit that when doing cold showers or dipping in a pool of cold water, it takes a lot of mental courage to keep yourself from not turning the heater back on. It is proven that the more you subject your body to stressors the more adaptable you become to future stressors. Putting this into other words, taking a cold shower is like toughening yourself up and that’s a really good thing.

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