5 Skin-Care Products You Should Avoid Using Together

We now have a dizzying number of skin care options available to use these days. Of course, it goes without saying that the numerous products offered also come with various ingredients, some which just don’t go well together. Here are skin care combinations we should stay away from.

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1. Retin-A and a Toner
Toners are an amazing skin aide. Some use glycolic acid that helps renew skin while others have witch hazel for acne treatment. But dermatologists warn against using toners when one is already using Retin-A since combining the two will dry out the skin. Just choose between the two and go with it.

2. Retin-A and Abrasive Exfoliants
Retin-A is a miracle ingredient known for its remarkable skin rejuvenating properties. It also aids in lessening skin discoloration and wrinkles. But using Retin-A might lead to dry and flaky skin. Now some might think that an exfoliant is a great way to remove this dry skin. Unfortunately, Retin-A causes the skin to become so sensitive that an exfoliant will just cause more damage. A better way would be to gently cleanse the dry skin with a simple muslin cloth.

3. Sonic Brush and Exfoliants
Exfoliating is crucial for good skin care and the arrival of sonic brushes ensured that better, gentler exfoliants are now available. However, using an exfoliant and a sonic brush is too much of a good thing. It will result in healthy, essential oils being removed from your face, leaving it rough and dry. So decide which one is best for you and stick to it.

4. Salicylic Acid and Glycolic Acid
Both acids are found in numerous skin care products but are used differently and with different results. Salicylic acid is used for treating acne while glycolic acid is used like an exfoliator. While they are undoubtedly effective, they can’t be used together as they will dry the skin.

5. Vitamin C and Benzoyl Peroxide
Benzoyl Peroxide is a tried and tested ingredient in skin-care products while Vitamin C is relatively new to the game. Dermatologists are keen on including Vitamin C to people’s skin care regimen but warns that it shouldn’t be used together with Benzoyl Peroxide as the oxidation caused by Benzoyl Peroxide will make Vitamin C useless.

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