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5 Steps to Avoid Getting “Hangry”

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It may be a little difficult to understand for others, but there really are people who go hulk when they go hungry. Gone are the sweet, well-mannered creatures they are and the Kraken is suddenly released.

Once the energy is sapped dry and the stomach rumbles like a volcano about to erupt, you have officially entered the ‘hangry’ stage of the human evolution. To avoid smashing your way out of relationships and office equilibrium, follow these tips to prevent you from losing yourself.

Sip Yourself Calm

To regulate your mood, avoid drinks that are basically sugar. Refrain from beverages with artificial sweeteners. Go for water and green tea to keep you hydrated. Some British studies conclude that increased water intake improved the mood of 70 percent of the participants. Japanese studies on the other hand found that stress levels among 20,000 people were 20 percent lower in those who consumed at least 5 cups of green tea per day in comparison to those who took less than a cup in a day.

Food for Mood

Food has certain effects in the mood of a person. It has been found, for example, that cinnamon improves concentration. Reasoning is enhanced with walnuts. Fruits and vegetables were found to increase energy levels in those who regularly consume them. A feeling of calm and happiness are observed in them.

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Fill Up on Fiber

Chewing fiber takes a longer time. It also takes more space in your digestive system. It satiates you as it is insoluble to water. It helps in the regulation of the blood sugar levels and the response of the body with insulin. When these factors are at play, a steady supply of energy is produced by the body. Take about 15-25 grams of fiber daily.

Eat More Often

The demands of life tend to make a person so busy that eating is delayed if not forgotten. Under-eating results in the breakdown of lean muscles which affect the tissues involved in the body’s metabolism.

Keep yourself constantly aware of your eating habits. You can up alarms to keep you in check. Pack your business bag with nuts or seeds. Dried fruits work great, too.

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