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5 Tips on How to Get the Best Winter Skin

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The winter season may cover your home in white, and although it is fun to make snow angels out front, the biting wind, and frigid temperature can wreak havoc to your skin. You’ve probably complained about having dry skin that starts to peel or crack. This isn’t surprising given that winter can strip your skin of moisture. Is there any way to prevent this?

Moisture does play a role in keeping your skin looking great, but constantly exposing it to biting wind can leave it dry and cracking. That being said, here are five tips on how you can make your skin look absolutely beautiful this winter.

Reduce shower time

Most of us tend to take long, hot showers whenever we can to combat the cold. And although you think you are doing yourself some good, because you are keeping the cold at bay, you are actually stripping your skin of its natural oils and moisture. Skip the hot water and go for warm instead and limit your time in the showers too.

Alter your skin care routine

Another tip on how you will be able to maintain beautiful skin even during the winter is to change your skin care routine to something more appropriate for the weather. Reduce your use of toners as well as astringents but add more moisturizing creams instead. Your goal here is to add more moisture, not to remove it.

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Don’t forget your sunscreen

Just because the weather is a bit chilly, it doesn’t mean that there isn’t any sun. The sun is still up there and it is actually doing your skin more harm too, because of the snow that reflects the light on your skin. The best way to combat this?Wear sunscreen.

Stay hydrated

Water isn’t the only way to hydrate yourself during the winter, but eating foods such as berries, and vegetables can also help keep your body nourished with water. This is important because you will want to keep your skin moisturized from the inside out.

Give your hands some care

It’s good that you will be applying moisturizer on your face and body, but don’t forget to care for your hands too. The wind and low temperatures can leave the skin in your hands dry too which can make them rough because of peeling skin.

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