5 Tips to Prevent Injury While You Exercise

So you’ve finally made the jump to join the fitness bandwagon and start taking charge of your physical health. The only thing you need to make sure of is to survive your fitness routines without encountering any injuries which can otherwise hamper your progress.

Exercising can be a fun activity for a lot of people. However, injuries incurred while exercising are common occurrences too. Here are a few tips to help you avoid injuries while doing your workouts.

1. Follow the rule of Ten.
This just means building your stamina slowly but surely. If you’re fond of running, run 10% farther than you did maybe last week or so. If you’re into lifting weights, add 10% more to what you’ve lifted last week.

2. Don’t Lift Above Your Shoulders
The human body is not designed to lift heavy weights over the shoulders. The rule is, if you’re holding out your arms at 90-degree angle from the center of your body, the weight that you’re bearing should not go over and beyond your shoulders. A lot of people often do shoulder presses, when in fact, this move is not that important to the body. Most professional and elite athletes know this and just skip the activity totally, while amateurs are still keen on doing this exercise.

3. Cross Train
Exercising for a number of hours each day can be very healthy, just make sure that you do a lot of variations to your training. Mix different types of exercises and limit any particular exercise to just an hour per day.

4. Warm Up
This is by far the most neglected step when t comes to proper exercising. Before you undergo a rigorous set of activity, you need to make sure that you acclimatize your body first to the possible strain that it needs to endure. You can warm up by doing light cardio moves and then follow it with gentle stretching. Doing these can help you avoid any possible injuries while working out.

5. Listen to your body.
Challenging and pushing yourself to the limits is fun, but never ever ignore your body signals. If you somehow feel weak, nauseated or is having a hard time breathing, then by all means, stop and take a time out. Drink plenty of water, do deep breathing exercises and recollect yourself first before starting your fitness routines again.

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