5 Warning Signs You Are Not Getting Enough Protein

Protein shakes, protein supplements, protein burgers, protein rich cereal bars and protein rich biscuits – protein is everywhere and can be easily accessed, but there are still people who don’t get enough of it. The amount of protein people should intake depend on their daily activity and weight, making it difficult to distinguish the right amount to take in every day.

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Find out if you are lacking protein in your system with these five warning signs.

You’re Unfocused and Unable to Concentrate

–      Having low blood sugar can cause you to lose focus and concentration. Having a protein deficiency can cause your blood sugar to fluctuate. Protein also releases carbohydrate constantly in the body and create mental energy.

Sweet Cravings

–      Feeling hungry all the time and craving sweets. Proteins affect our blood sugar levels, our body will crave for glucose when we lack protein. This causes you to have hunger pangs and the need to eat something sweet.


–      Protein is essential for muscle repairing and building. Without protein your muscle will start to tear down and constrict. This will cause you to go weak and be unable to exercise or do sports.

Gets Sick Easily

–      Protein not only builds the muscles, but it also builds up the immune system. If you generally healthy, but get colds and flus often, it may be caused by lack of protein.

–      Another way to determine protein deficiency is through the skin and nails. The skin loses resistance with lack in protein. You will notice tear and cracks in the skin and at times a hang nail.

Your Hair is Falling Out

–      Your hair follicle connects to the hair bulb with the help of protein. Lacking protein can cause the hair bulb to become loose and cause hair fall. Protein also protects the hair from pollution and smoke. Hair thinning though can be caused by other hormonal problems, like thyroid imbalances.

If you experience some of these warning signs you may be lacking much needed protein. Protein increases metabolism, lessen hunger pangs, muscle regeneration and muscle growth.


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