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5 Ways Fennel Seeds Are Good for Health

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Fennel is a common ingredient in many cuisines. For sure, you’ve tried it before when preparing a recipe you found off the internet or just the way your grandmother told you how to use it. But we are talking about the fennel plant itself and not the seeds. So what about the seeds? Do they have any use at all aside from being planted? Well, it appears that fennel seeds do have plenty of uses and come with dozens of benefits too. You sound surprised? These are a few health benefits that you can get from fennel seeds.

Boosts digestive system

It appears that fennel seeds are actually good for your digestive health. The seeds antispasmodic as well as carminative properties that can help treat digestive issues like irritable bowel syndrome, intestinal gas, and even heartburn. It is also believed that fennel seeds can be useful in treating gastroesophageal reflux disease or better known as GERD. It can also be used to fight off diarrhea, ulcerative colitis, as well as constipation too.

Removes free radicals

Another health benefit that fennel seeds can provide you with is that it can help fight off any free radicals that are causing harm to your skin and overall health. This is due to the fact that fennel seeds are rich in antioxidants that act as protector in your body. They are fully capable of destroying any toxic buildup in your body so that you will be well protected against various illnesses. When you take a closer look at its contents, fennel seeds have quercetin and kaemoferol which can protect your body against degeneration.

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Reduces risk from diabetes

It appears that fennel seeds can help reduce your blood sugar levels which is important when you have diabetes. What’s more, these seeds contain high amounts of vitamin C which have been found to help bring your high blood sugar levels down. There is also beta-carotene present in them which can be useful in lowering your cholesterol levels to a more reasonable number. Another plus to eating fennel seeds is that they are low in the glycemic index which makes them safe to consume even when you have diabetes or are predisposed to it.

Maintains healthy blood pressure

Another benefit to eating fennel seeds is that they can help regulate your blood pressure. We often feel tense or anxious especially at work or at school which can actually cause our blood pressure to go up. When you often feel this way, you are putting yourself at risk from cardiovascular problems. Fortunately, fennel seeds have potassium in them which can keep your heart rate running smoothly and your blood pressure steady too. This means that you will feel calmer and ready to tackle whatever it is that comes at you.

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Promotes weight loss

What else can you get out of fennel seeds? How about helping you shed some pounds from your weight? Fennel seeds are packed with fiber which can actually settle in your stomach for hours so there will be less hunger pangs to worry about. These seeds are diuretic in nature so you will be able to flush out any toxic particles in your body that are preventing you from burning fats.

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