5 Worst Makeup Slip-Ups You Should Avoid

These mistakes in how you apply makeup can make you look older than you really are – here’s how you can correct them.

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Makeup is a powerful tool that you can use on your looks. You’ve probably watched your mother transform herself from ordinary looking to gorgeous with just makeup that she uses to hide her fine lines and wrinkles, revitalize her skin, and even add contours to her face.

Your makeup is going to be your ally as you grow older as it can remove years from your face if applied correctly. However, there are a lot of women who keep on using sparkly finishes, vampy colors, heavy textures, and not-so-good makeup tricks that make them look older. If you want to make the most of your looks without adding to your age, follow these tips on how to apply makeup.

You don’t even need plastic surgery for this.

1. Using dark lipstick.
Why it doesn’t work: Lips tend to lose their natural rosebud color as you get older. Dark lipstick looks great when you’re in your 20s, but may make your lips look washed out as you get older.

What works: The best way to breathe life to your lips is to go for vibrant and soft tones like apricot, rose, or even berry. They have brighter colors that can make your lips larger. Dab some lip gloss at the center of your bottom lip (it can be clear gloss or a color that compliments your lip color) to reflect light so your lips will look fuller.

2. Frosted eye shadow.
Why it doesn’t work: This looks great when you’re in the 80s and wearing leg warmers. Also, the frosted particles tend to end up in the lines of your eyelids.

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What works: Go for shimmer shadow which is somewhat the same as the frosted version you love but much better. What’s different? The fine milled mica gives that subtle and soft hint of shine and they don’t tend to collect along the creases of your eyes because of their light and uniform texture. Check products that have sheen or shimmer on them like Shimmer Wash Eye Shadow by Bobbi Brown at $19 or Silky Sheen Eye Shadow by Sue Devitt at $18.

3. Bottom-heavy liner.
Why it doesn’t work: Applying heavy liner at the bottom of your eyelids can make your eyes look tired and heavy.

What works: Make the upper eye lids more intense compared to the bottom to make your eyes more intense. Apply powder shadow using an eyeliner brush that has a precise point to apply liner on the top first. What’s left of the powder on the brush can then be used to line the bottom to make it appear as if your lashes are casting shadows. If you opt for pencil, just smudge the lower lid using cotton swabs to remove age from your eyes.

4. Applying a lot of powder.
Why it doesn’t work: That extra face powder tends to settle on the creases and cracks of your skin highlighting them further instead of hiding them. Touching up frequently can also make your skin look parched.

What works: Apply powder on areas that need it such as your T-Zone composed of your forehead, nose, and chin. Don’t add too much powder on areas of your face that have creases or lines such as around the lips and eyes. You should also use oil-absorbing sheets as they can remove the shine without making your skin look cakey.

5. Cheeks contouring.
Why it doesn’t work: The cheeks tend to have a concave shape as you grow older due to loss of collagen. Using dark blush on your cheeks’ hollow can only emphasize your age.

What works: If you want to create fullness to your cheeks simply sweep some blush on the apples of your cheeks using circular motion then diffuse it towards you hairline. To get that youthful glow, go for a hue that is pinky-peach, like True Match Super-Blendable Blush in Apricot Kiss by L’Oreal Paris sold at $10 or Blushing Blush in Precious Posy by Clinique priced at $18.50.

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