6 Amazing Foods for Weight Loss

You’ve probably lost count on the number of diet plans that you have tried over the years in the hopes of seeing a considerable amount of weight disappear, but to no avail. It is understandable that you will feel frustrated and  hopeless especially when you see the number on the weighing scale creeping upwards. But before you resign yourself to the idea that you won’t lose weight any time soon, you might want to direct your attention to these six foods that can actually help you shed those pounds.

Leafy greens

Well, if you haven’t added leafy greens to your diet then now is the time to do so. Spinach, Swiss chards, kale, and collards are just a few examples of green leafy vegetables that you should introduce to your diet because they are perfect for helping you with weight loss. For starters, they are low in calories as well as carbohydrates but they are high in fiber content.


Don’t forget that berries are perfect for weight loss as they are loaded with antioxidants that can flush the toxins from your body. Strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, any type of berry can help detoxify your system from harmful toxins that are keeping fats from being burned. You can mix them in your salad or have a cup of berries for snacks. Either way, you are delivering lots of antioxidants into your body minus the calories.

Chicken breast and lean beef

There is a common misconception that eating meat is bad for you since they are often linked to different kinds of health problems. However, there is not enough evidence to support this. Although processed meat is unhealthy, unprocessed red meat can contribute to your body’s fat-burning abilities. This is because meat is high in protein which actually helps with your metabolism. Just make sure that you are choosing the right cuts for your meals like lean beef and chicken breast.


Lemons are also worth adding to your list of foods to eat to lose weight since its acidic nature can actually help detoxify your liver. When this happens, your liver will be able to go back to functioning at 100%. This way, your body will be in a much better position to metabolize excess fats so you will see a serious amount of weight disappearing from your body.


Another weight loss food that will help you in your journey to a leaner and fitter you is tuna. This low calorie, high protein food is just perfect for your diet especially when you are trying to go for a leaner physique. Since it is high in protein, it will help with muscle development which can trigger metabolism. Add to this that tuna contains essential fatty acids that can help with heart health and overall development and you know that it is going to be a good addition to your weight loss plan.


You shouldn’t forget to add tomatoes to your diet because the carotenoids present in them can actually keep your weight down. As an added benefit, eating tomatoes can also enhance your cardiovascular health so you won’t be at risk of heart trouble like stroke, heart attacks, and high blood pressure too.

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