6 Benefits of Aronia Berries (#4 Will Make Your Heart Beat for Them)

Aronia berries can be easily considered as superfoods. Unfortunately, not too many people across the planet are familiar with them. If you are on the hunt for fruits that you can welcome into your regular diet, then you are in the right place — this article will get you introduced to aronia berries and the many health benefits they can bring!

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While aronia berries can be eaten fresh, most of those who have easy access to them prefer to turn them into jellies, jams and preserves. Just like other berries out there, aronia berries make for wonderful baking ingredients, too.

If aronia berries are not native to where you live, fret not. That’s because there is a huge possibility that the local health food or herbal store is carrying various aronia berry products. They are very popular in the form of capsules and powders. Aronia berries are also commonly being sold in tea form as well as juice mixes.

You may also check your favorite supermarket if it offers dried aronia berries, which has a much longer shelf life than their fresh counterparts, allowing you to incorporate them in your diet without having to do it in a rush. Dried aronia berries make for excellent toppings for oatmeal and yogurt, or additions to homemade trail mixes and energy bars.

Since aronia berries are part of the big berry family that’s known for its impressive nutritional profile, you can be certain that the regular intake of aronia berries offers numerous health perks. Some of the best ones are:

They Slow Down the Aging Process

Just like any berry that you can think of, aronia berries are unbelievably high in antioxidants. It’s because of this why consuming them can help delay the aging process, allowing you to look and feel young longer.

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They Reduce Inflammation

Aronia berries possess anti-inflammatory properties, and that’s why their intake is highly beneficial for individuals who are often bugged by painful and swollen joints. We all know that the constant intake of NSAIDs can come with a bunch of risks, and something as simple as consuming aronia berries can help save anyone from having to take NSAIDs.

They Also Lower Cancer Risk

The anti-inflammatory benefits of aronia berries do not begin and end in preventing joint pain and inflammation. Experts say that these berries may also help reduce a person’s risk of having cancer, which is linked to inflammation.

They Help Keep Heart Disease at Bay

Were you told by your doctor that you have high bad cholesterol or your blood pressure is beyond the normal range? Then you may be at risk of developing heart disease if you don’t correct the problem. Aside from regular exercising, you should also welcome more healthy foods into your life, and some of those are aronia berries.

They Prevent Constipation

Every serving of aronia berries is rich in dietary fiber, something that helps facilitate the removal of digestive by-products and toxic compounds in the gut. As a result, your bowel movement can be made regular.

They Make One’s Immune System Strong

Last but not least, the regular intake of aronia berries can help in lowering your risk of having the common cold, flu and other types of infections. That’s because they supply the body with ample amounts of vitamin C, a nutrient so vital for having the immune system strengthened, thus allowing your body to fight off invading bacteria and viruses.

Do you have health conscious family and friends who are always looking for new superfoods to try? Then let them know about aronia berries and their many health benefits by reposting this article online!

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