6 Cool Tips for that Perfect No Make Up Look

The trendy goal of makeup today is to look like you’re not wearing anything at all.  We put together these cool ways for an easy, no-makeup look that’ll leave everyone envying.


1.  Skip that foundation


It won’t really look all so natural life you put on cakey foundation. Try applying the BB creams instead, that combines the benefits of a moisturizer, sunscreen, and foundation in one tube. You may opt to do consider a CC cream to since  BB’s even lighter relative.  According to make-up artist Emily Kate Warren, apply a few drops into your palm and warm it up by rubbing it gently with your finger before applying, “The heat of your palm melts the formula so it has a more liquid consistency and sinks into skin more easily when you put it on,” she says.


2.  Choose a subtle mascara


Heard of a long-lasting lash tint, try it instead of pumping your lashes out that looks so unnatural. These are not as thick as mascaras, but they help darken lashes to provide smudgeproof definition for up to 24 hours, or until you wipe them off.

3  Apply under-eye concealer sparingly


Concealer hides certain spots (circles and redness) like under your eyes, but don’t cover the whole area. Dab lightly, blending away from your lids and toward your cheekbones, this provides thicker coverage only where you need it most.


4.  Choose cream eyeshadows


Head Evora-Santiago suggests you swap your powder for cream, this blends better and will allow skin to peek through.  Creams usually have silicone or other oils that prevents the product from settling into creases. Best to apply a neutral shade close to your own skin color but slightly brighter to make your eyes pop.


5.  Don’t over do that eyeliner


Kim Soane, Bobbi Brown’s global artistry director, says that liner draws attention to your eyes, distracting from imperfections elsewhere, so she suggests line your upper lids with a color one shade darker than your eye color: navy for blue, olive for green, and chocolate for brown. Apply the liner tip between the roots of the lashes to add definition, says Jemma Kidd, a makeup artist in London.


6.  Use a neutral lip color


Choose a lip color in a shade close to the color your lips turn after you rub them with your finger for a few seconds—the nearly-natural hue will keep you from looking washed out. And take it easy with matte lipstick or super shiny gloss—either finish will make it obvious you’re wearing product. Instead, go for a tinted balm, which provides sheer color while keeping lips hydrated.

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