6 Effective Ways To Strengthen Your Hips

It’s no secret that when we age, we tend to feel pain in different parts of our body. However, our hips have escaped our attention not until we fall and break one. This is particularly true to most women since they face a higher risk of experiencing osteoporosis, according to the National Osteoporosis Foundation.

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But why do hipbones get brittle over time? According to Creighton University Nursing Professor Joan Lappe, muscles that give support to the hip and leg lose strength as we age. With the additional strain, the bones on the hips become brittle and break easily.

To avoid this, a person should keep the hips healthy through following these methods:

Exercising regularly would be a great way to maintain healthy hips especially if the activities you do include walking, dancing and hiking because these exercises help stimulate bone formation. At least 30 minutes a day, for most of the week would do the trick.

Eating foods rich in calcium also helps numerous functions of the body. Since calcium is stored in the bones, once you have insufficient supply, the rest of your body would rely on this stored stash.

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As a result, the bones would be lacking these essential mineral. That is why, a healthy dose of three 8-ounce glasses of milk plus a cup of yoghurt a day is necessary for bone development.

In connection, taking your daily dose of Vitamin D is necessary for calcium absorption. This fat-soluble vitamin can be found in fatty fish, orange juice, cereals and Vitamin D-fortified dairy products. Taking supplements would also do but with necessary caution. This is because experts found out that too much intake of these supplements, which also contains calcium, could lead to hypercalcemia.

Aside from improving your eating habits, refraining from an unhealthy lifestyle that entails smoking is also advised. Though reasons are still unclear, it has been found that cigarette smoking damages the quality of bones.

It is also advisable to remove or reduce the risk of falls by de-cluttering your house, and avoiding icy walkways, potholes as well as uneven sidewalks.

Knowing your bone density would also help to determine whether you are at a high risk of experiencing osteoporosis. Small-boned, thin people who are of white or Asian descent are more prone to having brittle bones than others.

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