6 Extraordinary Cold Brew Coffee Finds

Most people always have their cup of Joe every morning. Who can even stand the delicious aroma of brewed coffee that is enough to clear the fog in your mind? Many prefer the standard drip over other types but have you tried cold brewing yet?

Cold brewing is done by steeping ground beans roughly in cold water for about 12 hours. This makes the concentrate less acidic and smoother compared to the traditional drip method. After you steep the coffee grounds, store in your refrigerator for about two weeks to have that iced coffee ready to be enjoyed.

Here are 6 cold brew coffees that you can purchase if you want to see the difference between drip and cold brew coffee.

1. Anchorhead Coldbrew Coffee Concentrate.

anchorhead-brew_300This coffee concentrate was created by two coffee lovers who previously worked as audio engineers. They were able to fine tune their recipe that results to a rich mocha taste. You can dilute this concentrate in cold or hot water and can serve up to 12 cups. Get this cold brew coffee for $15 per 32 ounce at anchorheadcoffee.com.

2. Icebox Coffee Madagascar Vanilla.

icebox-coffee_300If you love espresso then this coffee concentrate is worth trying. The deep flavor associated with espresso is mellowed down by real vanilla beans. What’s nice about the container is that you can use the top to get an ounce of the concentrate easily. Just pay $14 for 32 ounces worth of this concentrate at iceboxcoffee.com.

3. Jittery John’s Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate.

jittery-johns_300This company has been making cold brew coffee for three years now which is considered long in terms of cold brew years. Their coffee concentrate follows traditional New Orleans coffee recipe using chicory which comes from endive’s root. You can dilute the concentrate with water or if you prefer iced latte just add milk. A 32 ounce bottle is pegged at $16 at jitteryjohns.com.

4. Chameleon Cold Brew Black Coffee.

chameleon-brew_300This coffee concentrate is made of Hill Country water and Arabica Beans and done in Austin, Texas. You can get this delicious cold brew concentrate in most retailers. You can purchase it for $4 for a 10 ounce bottle at SuperTargets and Whole Foods.

5. Outpost Cold Brewed Coffee.

outpost-brew_300The natural sweetness of the Brazilian beans is emphasized further with light roasting of the beans. The bottles, which are black and white, come in a six-pack that is hand-stamped. Buy this for $24 for six 4 ounces bottles at theoutpost.co.

6. High Brew Coffee Double Espresso.

highbrew-cold-brew_300This coffee concentrate comes in various colorful cans with sugar and milk already incorporated for easy caffeinating. And the best part is that it is light and can be brought anywhere. An 8 ounce can is worth $2.50 at Whole Foods.

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