6 Important Benefits Of Vitamin C That You Must Know

Not only anti-aging, many studies also show that vitamin C can prevent cancer and longevity.

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1. Increased longevity

According to the researchers, if you give your body vitamin C from fruits and vegetables would be better to use the vitamin supplement and it also contributes to longevity for you. The researchers found that if the supply from 300-400 mg of vitamin C per day can help men live about 6 years more than normal, for women, the number of life years increased by approximately 1 year.

2. Prevent Cancer

Vitamin C has long been viewed as a natural weapon to help support cancer prevention. Antioxidant properties of this vitamin helps protect cells and DNA from damage and mutation.

It supports the immune system of the body, enhancing the ability to fight cancer and prevent cancer-causing compounds formed in the body. Vitamin C reduces the risk of almost all cancers. According to scientists, this nutrient does not directly attack cancer cells but it helps foster a healthy immune system to fight cancer.

3. Enhance bone health

Everyone knows that the best way to prevent osteoporosis is to provide a large body of calcium from foods like milk. However, many people do not know a thing is to absorb more vitamin C also helps effectively avoid brittle bone, brittle. Postmenopausal women who used vitamin C supplements will have bone density was significantly higher compared with those with vitamin deficiency.

4. Improved visual

Additional enough vitamin C for the body can fight cataracts proof thanks to increased blood flow to the eye, so keep your eyes healthy. This effect is related to the antioxidant properties of vitamin C.

According to researchers, our eyes need a lot of vitamin C to combat all the free radicals formed from the impact of sunlight on the eyes. Therefore, health experts also recommend that you use the full 1,000 mg of vitamin C every day to prevent cataracts as they grow old.

5. Supports fat burning

People with the level of vitamin C in the body reached the standard (not surplus, no shortage) is capable of reducing to 25-30% more fat than those who were deficient in vitamin C as fitness exercises like together. This is explained as follows: vitamin C helps synthesize the amino acid L-Carnitine, helps metabolize fat into energy and body will use this energy for exercise as well as working often.

6. Prevention of stroke and cardiovascular problems

According to a study presented at the annual meeting of the Academy of Neurology in Philadelphia, USA. The study compared 65 people who had suffered a stroke and 65 healthy controls. Results showed that stroke patients had levels of vitamin C in the blood is very low, while healthy people have normal levels. That’s because the other antioxidants, vitamin C helps prevent heart disease by preventing free radicals from damaging formation and prevent arterial plaque formation in the artery wall.

This nutrient also keep cholesterol in the blood at a stable level, thereby preventing heart disease and stroke. Patients with high blood pressure may also improve blood pressure status when the full complement of vitamin C.

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