6 Outdoor Strength Training Exercises That Won’t Require Equipment

It is not always easy to build a muscled and a toned body especially if you have a lot on your plate and going to the gym is on your last priority. There are a lot of ways to take your strength training outside the usual gym and they don’t even require equipment, but offer the same incredible muscle toning. You’ll get fresh air and a lot of energy for a great day too.

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  1. Bench push-ups

    In your favorite park, find a nice bench and do the bench pushups. Begin by placing your feet on the bench and the hands on the ground for a regular push-up position. Do a series of 10 then repeat.  This works your glutes, shoulders, abdominal muscles and triceps. Make sure your body should is straight at all times.
  2. Pull-ups


    Pull-ups outdoors are easy to do by finding a children’s playground to find tall bars. This exercise works your shoulders, biceps and upper back muscles. To start, find a bar at least 3 ft high and place your hands (shoulder-width) on the bar slightly apart  and slowly place your feet in front of you, positioned straight. Start the pull-ups and maintaining  a straight body at all times. Do at least 10 reps.
  3. Triceps dips
    NEW YORK - JUNE 10: For Pulse, Jen Selter fitness column. Jen Selter does summer workout moves in Central Park on June 6, 2014. (Anne Wermiel/NY Post) Styled by Johannah Masters, hair + makeup by Jen Navaro/JUMP.


    With your hands on both sides of your body, sit on the edge of a bench, stretch your legs forward and straight at all times. With hands on the bench, do a triceps dip by lowering your body towards the ground using the strength of your arms only. Repeat this 15 times.
  4. Tree bridge


    Find a tree that you can work with, then lie on your back, bend your right knee with the foot on the ground.  Your left leg should be leaning against the tree and your arms on the sides on the body, palms upwards. In this position, you should lift your body, especially the hips in a straight form.  This will work your abs, glutes, quads and hamstrings. Repeat 5 times; then switch legs.

  5. Stairs climbing1s


    Find a good set of stairs, not too steep though. Climb the stairs up and down 3 times. Also, the stairs would be a good stepper exercise. Climb 1 stair with one leg, switch. Repeat 15-20 times.
  6. Alternative activities for outdoor strength training:
  • Fall/Autumn leaf raking – an excellent cardio activity that’ll work your arms, legs and abs.
  • Snow shoveling – when snow falls, there’s no better physical exercise than to grab your shovel and clean the snow from your backyard. It tones your arms, legs and abs.
  • Lawn mowing – if the grass in your backyard is tall, you can use this physical activity as an excellent cardio exercise and still build strength in your arms and legs.
  • Gardening – this activity will work on your biceps and triceps as well as glutes and thighs.
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