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6 Processed Foods You Should Always Buy Organic

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6 Processed Foods You Should Always Buy OrganicMost bread ingredients like wheat and try have been sprayed with insecticides since insects love to feed on them. A substance called organophospates has been associated with problems in IQ among children and some conditions like ADHD. FDA keeps constant check on factories and have found levels of thos organophospate malathion on products like crackers, white bread, tortillas, and other flour based products.

With organic bread, there will be less levels of pesticide. The ingredients used in organic breads will be less refined, too. Less concentration of preservatives, thickeners, and other kinds of flours that have been refined are found in organinc bread.


6 Processed Foods You Should Always Buy OrganicOther than the fact that most wheat-based products have been subject to fumigation, organic products are free from genetically modified food. Neurological conditions and other forms of cancer have been linked to the pesticides used in ingredients for cereals. This is true for the 50 percent up to 100 percent of the soy and corn used in the production of cereals that have been tested.

Pasta Sauce

6 Processed Foods You Should Always Buy Organic35 kinds of residue found on fresh tomatoes have been detected by the USDA. It is not surprising therefore that most tomato sauce tested by FDA has been found to contain traces pesticides. Ketchup and salsa have been tested positive on this substance. Liver damage and nerve damage are connected to 2-chloroethyl linoleate.

Snack Foods

6 Processed Foods You Should Always Buy OrganicPretzels and crackers are commonly made with the use of wheat. They were tested with the presence of organophospate as well. Among those that have been tested were saltiness, graham crackers, and butter crackers. Chlorpropham are common among potato chips and used on safflower and soybeans. Their oils are commonly used to fry most of the chip brands available on the market.

Canned Chili

6 Processed Foods You Should Always Buy OrganicBisphenol A in canned chili are chemicals that are a threat to the health. This substance is linked to problems in the hormone levels, diabetes, and heart diseases. It is connected to a lot of chronic diseases. Chili contains various pesticide residues. Tomatoes and beans are heavily exposed to pesticides.

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