6 Refreshing Drinks To Shrink Your Belly

Nothing beats downing a glass full of cold beverage especially on a very hot day. But the thing is, a lot of those thirst-quenchers pack a ton of pounds too. So here’s what you can do to have a thirst-quenching beverage that won’t make you gain weight;

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1. Drink Water
When you’re trying to trim your fats, it is important that you stay hydrated. Drinking enough water helps maintain your body’s electrolyte balance which allows your entire body to function well.

2. Watermelon Smoothie
Smoothies are a great way to keep yourself hydrated so long as they do not contain any sugary mixers. Watermelon is great for smoothies as it is loaded with nutrients and helpful amino acids that can help in weight loss.

3. Iced peppermint tea
This minty treat is not only refreshing but also super tasty. Peppermint has the capacity to help your body process fats more quickly which eases digestion and prevents bloating.

4. Pineapple frappe.
This blended concoction tastes like a beach vacation—on a glass. Pineapple has flaxseed oils which are proven in their capacity to help trim down your belly. It also has bromelain, an enzyme that aids in digestive processes, eliminates bloat, and eases the breakdown of proteins.

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5. Green Tea
Tea is known for the many health benefits that it can offer to people. Green tea in particular contains catechins, a kind of antioxidants that can lessen your belly fats. Sipping green tea prior to working out can considerably increase your fat burning abilities while you are exercising.

6. Dark Chocolate shake
Yes, dark chocolate can be good for you. It has properties that can help you trim your weight down and reduce your appetite as well as cravings. Below is a great recipe that you may try:

*Chocolate Smoothie Recipe
Ice cubes (4 pcs), whole milk (1/2 cup), banana (ripe: 1/2), unsweetened cocoa (2 tbsps), maple syrup or honey (2 tsps).

Crush ice cubes in a blender. Add all ingredients and wait until it’s all frothy. Place on a glass and enjoy immediately.

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