6 Secrets to Boost Metabolism Fast

Hereditary factors play a great role in the body’s metabolism. It is therefore recommended that enough effort is exerted into the dietary habits while young. It is a known fact that metabolism slows down as we grow old.

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Get a Bedtime Snack
This only applies to people who exercise regularly. Studies from Florida State University confirm that an extra 150 calories before going to bed improves the body’s metabolism. Best options for that extra amount of calories are cottage cheese and low fat milk.

No to Yo-Yo Diet
Having the see-saw weight brings harm to your metabolism process. Losing weight means losing both muscles and fat. Gaining it back brings just the fat. This result to fewer calories burned. Although it has been found that there is no effect to the ability to lose and gain weight with the cyclers, it is recommended to stay close to the baseline weight.

Do not Blow Off Lifting
Muscles burn more calories than fats. Weight lifting is the best way to prevent the drop in the metabolism rate caused by aging. Incorporate some key moves into your workout for at least twice a week.

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Make Workouts a Regular Thing
A higher metabolic rate at rest is achieved when exercise is done at least three to five times in one week. With constant exercise, the body burns more calories even when out of the gym.

Calculate Your Calorie Burn
To effectively drop at least two pounds a week, strip off your diet some 500 calories. Eat less and exert more effort in workouts. When done, the amount of calorie you consume while in that routine is the amount of calorie you need to keep your weight.

Eat Enough-Right Number of Calories
Remove all the unnecessary calories from your diet. Make sure that you will not cut down too low. This will result in the slowing down of the metabolism. Another effect is the breakdown of muscles. Know the exact amount of calories you need to keep your weight.

Make all the necessary adjustment to get that metabolism rate that keeps you in the healthy range of body weight. Observe your routines and the food you eat. This will lead you to more discoveries about your metabolism.

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