6 Surprising Ways to Avoid Getting Sick This Year

Getting sick can ruin a planned vacation or stop you from getting to work. Prevention is still the best way to stop bacteria and viruses from invading the body. Remain healthy for the year with these surprising tips.

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Hand Sanitizer

The handy thing you can have to keep you from getting sick is a hand sanitizer. Avoid Sanitizers with triclosan (an antimicrobial chemical that can damage the heart). Keep hand Sanitizers in your bag or car for a quick sanitation.


People who are more stressed or more negative are prone to diseases and illnesses. When we suffer from mental exhaustion our immune system drops. Regain your immune system with meditation, yoga or just relaxing by the sofa at home. Remember to have a day of rest and relaxation for yourself once a week to avoid getting burned out.

Keeping Warm

Keep yourself warm and snuggled during this cold season. Keeping warm can help your immune system and guard, bacteria and viruses from entering the skin. Avoid using clothes that are made from chemical based ingredients. Go for a warm wool made hats or sweaters.


Wash your hands thoroughly and avoid antibacterial soaps that contain triclosan. It is better to use regular soap instead. Teach your kids to wash their hands properly to avoid contaminating their toys or food.

Don’t Forget Your Breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. People who ate their breakfast regularly are less prone to disease and has increased in energy throughout the day.


Having a strong stomach and good bacteria can boost the immune system. Probiotic rich food can prevent colds and flus in children. Especially for children that have a bad habit of putting things in their mouth.

The cold and flu season is upon us. Avoid feeling weary and sick this season with these surprising ways to avoid getting sick.

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