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6 ways to reduce tooth sensitivity

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People who have sensitive teeth are often plagued with the idea of eating or drinking. Cold foods, hot foods, acidic foods and drinks can affect your tooth. So, what can we do to get relief from sensitive teeth? Here 6 tips and tricks to reduce tooth sensitivity.

Avoid acidic food and drinks

People who suffer from sensitive teeth should consume very little acidic food and drinks. These acidic foods can worsen your tooth sensitivity. It erodes the enamel in your teeth and make it more prone to sensitivity. Avoid sodas, oranges, sour candies, fruit juices and any acidic rich drink and food. When you have consumed an acidic food or drink, brush your teeth afterward to lessen erosion. Brush your teeth 20 minutes after consumption, because brushing your teeth immediately after eating spreads the acid more. After two minutes your mouth has less acidic because of the saliva you’ve produced.

Toothpaste or Products for sensitive teeth

There are a lot of products that cater to sensitive teeth. Toothpaste and mouthwash now contain potassium nitrate. This potassium creates a layer on the teeth to protect it from sensitivity. They work for some people, but trying out different products that suits you is a great chance to know how to reduce sensitivity. Another thing to remember is to not stop using the product because you experience relief. You are experiencing relief because you are using the product, stopping will just put you where you started.

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Talk to your Dentist

Some people have really sensitive teeth that simple toothpaste can’t cure. This is where dentist stop being scary and becomes angels in a white lab coat. There are painted on barriers that a dentist can do to cover your teeth and remove sensitivity. Like most things, it doesn’t last. So, you may have to visit the dentist for a new paint job every few years.

Treat your gums

Some sensitivity can come from receding gums. People who have receeded gums expose a part of their teeth that aren’t used to sudden cold or hot temperature. This can cause sensitivity. You can get gum recession from brushing too hard or from gum diseases. Talk to a dentist about your receding gums, they will give you the needed treatment for your problem. Remember though, this is for severe cases of sensitivity.

Change the way you brush

Your sensitive teeth can come from too aggressive scrubbing of the teeth. Scrubbing it too hard can cause enamel erosion and gum damage. Brushing too often with a lot of force can cause your sensitivity. Start changing your brushing style and see if there is a huge difference in your tooth sensitivity.

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Put a stop to tooth grinding

Some people have a bad habit of grinding their teeth when they are stressed or bored. Grinding your teeth can cause enamel to wear down. Some people are not aware that they are what we call “Grinders”. If you grind in your sleep, it could mean a more serious illness. You can have some stress or jaw issues. You can protect your mouth when you sleep with mouth guards. When you feel like grinding your teeth, relax your jaw and keep the upper and lower teeth apart at all cost.



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