7 Appetite Suppressants You Can Try That Really Work

Trying to curb that appetite? These 7 appetite suppressants can do wonders for you. Admittedly, losing weight is not an easy task for most people. You have to have the right kind of determination in order for you to succeed. If you feel that you’ve tried every trick in the book, then you might want to know how these appetite suppressants can help you achieve your goals.

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1. Consume an apple a day.
If there’s one effective way to regulate your diet, then that would be to go on a fiber-rich diet. Foods high in fiber content break down slowly and turn your brain’s response to food off. In addition, fiber regulates the level of your blood sugar which dictates how hungry you can get. Adding an extra 14 grams of fiber in your daily diet lowers your caloric intake by 10%. So make it a habit to start eating fibrous foods today.

2. Choose the right carbs.
Green bananas, lentils, beans—these are foods that are full of resistant starch; the kind of carbs that does’nt get digested in the stomach and gets fermented instead in the large intestines. This process releases a kind of acid that allows the body to burn fat as fuel.

3. Add a splash of vinegar
To eliminate feeling hungry in-between meals, add a bit of vinegar to a carbohydrate-rich meal. Vinegar reduces the glycemic index of carbohydrates which will prevent it from spiking the sugar levels on your bloodstream. This will lower your urges to have a snack in between meals which can highly contribute to weight gain.

4. Go crazy on dark chocolate.
Contrary to popular belief, not all kinds of chocolates are bad for you. So if you’re seeking solace in chocolates—chose the dark ones instead. Dark chocolates release endorphins, a chemical that elicits the feeling of happiness and calmness, thereby reducing your food cravings almost instantly.

5. Pick red hot chilli peppers
Spicing up your daily diet will make you eat less.

6. Bulk up your Plate
The secret into tricking your brain into feeling full while consuming less is to let it think that you have consumed a pretty big meal. So instead of shrinking you food portions, try eating foods that eat up a lot of room in your plate but stick to those that contain fewer calories per bite.

7. Go all out on pine nuts
Tone down your appetite with pine nuts. The pinolenic acid in pine nuts is known to trigger the release of the hormone that aids in appetite suppression and helps slow down the rate of food leaving the stomach, making you feel full a lot longer.

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