7 Beauty Products You Don’t Necessarily Need

There are plenty of double-duty tools already in your makeup bag.


1. Eye Cream

Ever wake up with puffy eyes and think a topical cream is your best fix? Think again. It’s just as effective to use a regular cold compress, or even clean, cold cucumber and potato slices to reduce inflammation around your eyes in the morning. (If you’re looking for an anti-aging eye cream, Perricone MD Firming Eye Cream delivered great results in reducing those fine lines our 2014 Beauty Award tests.)


2. Primer

Unless you find that your makeup is melting off by the end of the day, you can consider skipping this to streamline your beauty routine. Instead, do small makeup touchups throughout the day and consider switching concealers if yours is fading too quickly.


3. Toner

If you’re already using a cleanser and moisturizer with SPF, a toner might not be doing much else, says our beauty director, April Franzino. Plus, classic astringents have a high alcohol content and could strip and can dry out your skin. Then your skin will work hard to produce more oil, possibly making it oilier than before.


4. Eyeliner


If you’re not doing a fancy cat eye, your mascara can replace your eyeliner. To mimic it without a pencil, Franzino says to simply wiggle the mascara wand at the base of your lashes to create an extra dark line. Keep adding layers for intensity.


5. Leave-In Conditioner

Apply a dab or two of your regular conditioner — you can play with the amounts to find out what works best — to your hair after you shower. Or, try your own DIY deep conditioning treatment once a week: Rinse your hair clean and put a generous amount of conditioner on your strands. Put a plastic cap over your hair (this will trap heat) and let it sit for 20 minutes. Finally, rinse your hair for super-shiny, ultra-hydrated locks.


6. Full Coverage Foundation


Use a concealer or tinted moisturizer instead. Bonus: You won’t have to buy expensive application brushes either.


7. Eyelash Curler

As your mascara is drying, place your finger at the base of your lashes and push them up toward your eyebrow for a few seconds. This can give them the same slight bend your curler will.




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