7 Breakfast Foods You Should Avoid That Make You Fat

A Breakfast Smoothie

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One of the least fattening breakfast choices, the smoothie has become an icon in breakfast foods. It is incredibly healthy when prepared at home however, those that are bought at stores tend to be full of cream, ice cream, full fat milk, and gram after gram of sugar.

Pastries, Cookies And Other Similar Sweets

Toaster pastries are another breakfast choice. They are rich in fat, calories, and sugar. Another choice is bagels. Just like the toaster pastries, bagels are packed with refined carbohydrates and calories. One bagel can reach up to 500 calories.

Between 300 and 500 calories, you will find two other famous breakfast treats: donuts and muffins. They also come with oil, butter, carbohydrates packed with 40 grams of sugar in one serving.

Sugary Cereals

Although they save you time, they don’t save your body from unhealthy chemicals. Cereals hardly contain any fiber or vitamins. They are rich in sugar.

Trail Mixes

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Trail mixes have nuts, peanuts, dried fruits, and other compounds that are high in salt, sugar, and calories. Most of them come with chocolates which heighten the calorie count. Packed with high amounts of carbohydrates and fats, they should be consumed when partnered with regular workout.

Store Bought Granola

Those commercialized granola are prepared with high doses of unnecessary compounds high in calories and other sugar rich ingredients. Some of them are honey, sugar, and other dried fruits.

With 400 calories, a small serving of granola has 10 grams of fat. Granolas are considered desserts due to the fact that it comes with sugars, honey, and other highly sweetened compounds and other added oils.

Breakfast Burrito

Convenient and microwaveable, breakfast burrito is prepared in minutes. Although it perfectly fits people on the go, it comes in processed cheese and fat, and other trans-fat—all of which are common among processed food. The nutritional value it promotes is deemed questionable.

Pancakes And Waffles

Because they are cheap and are easy to prepare, pancakes and waffles are always seen in traditional breakfasts. Despite its convenience, pancakes and waffles come in simple carbohydrates. They rank low in giving satiety giving a good chance of the person going hungry again after a few hours. They trigger abrupt changes in the sugar levels.

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