7 Common Makeup Mistakes That Make You Look Tired

Makeup are supposed to hide the imperfections from our face, but applying it wrong and doing common makeup mistakes makes the imperfections more visible.

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If you are running on empty and your skin is starting to look dull and exhausted, making makeup mistakes can make you look like a cast of an upcoming horror flick.

Stay away from these 7 common makeup mistakes that make you look tired:

Using the wrong tone of under eye concealer:
Under eye concealers are supposed to be one shade lighter than your foundation. One shade lighter, anything more can make you look weird, a shade darker can also make the darkness in your eyes more pronounce. Try putting on concealer in proper lighting, then checking it again in natural light. Some concealers tend to go light in natural light. Also avoid using foundations as a concealer, concealers are naturally thicker because its job is to conceal blemishes and marks.

Not Using Eyelid Primer:
Primer is important, it keeps the makeup where it’s supposed to be. Avoid smudging or drooping by applying primer. People who tend to be acidic need eyelid primer to make makeup last long.

Using Too Much Powder:
Avoid using too much powder, excess powder on the skin tends to look dry and flakey. If you have dry skin, avoid using powdered foundation. Opt for cream or liquid foundation and translucent powder.

Not Defining the Face:
Our faces have natural contours, makeup helps us define them. Avoid using monotone colors and make your face more dimensional. Add a pop of pink in your eyelids or natural browns to your temples. Without definition the face will tend to look flat and dead.

Grey Undertones:
When you’re tired avoid colors with grey or dark undertones. This will define the lines and exhaustion in your face. Use neutral colors or warm toned colors to look more refreshed and awake.
Picking the wrong eyeliner color:
Pick an eyeliner color that complements your skin. If you have a warm tone skin avoid light colors or white toned ones. If your cool toned avoid colors that are warm, pick cool colors like blues and ash.

Not Moisturizing:
When we are tired the first thing that goes away from our face is moisture. Not moisturizing before putting on makeup makes your skin more dry and flaky. Apply moisturizer or sunblock before putting on makeup. Not only does it moisturize the skin it also works as a great primer.

Avoid looking tired by removing these makeup mistakes to your routine. Another simple makeup trick, bring a facial mist when going out. This will keep the makeup intact, moisturize the skin and wakes you up.

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