7 Crazy Things That Happen During Sleep

Sleeping is a weird human experience. We need it every day to keep us functioning and mentally stable. You’re in a short term coma every night and some nights you experience nightmares, drooling and weird dreams about that guy on the train you always see in the morning.

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There are other weird things that happen during our hibernation state at night. Learn about this crazy sleeping habits and why they are happening.

Sleep Walking

–      Sleep walking can be a dangerous sleep behavior. It can cause a sufferer to walk into dangerous situations, like leaving the house into ongoing traffic or fall down a stairs. Your body is able to move while your brain remains asleep. Sleep walking can cause weird behaviors like sleep eating, driving and cooking. Some sleep-aide prescription has been known to cause sleep walking.

Falling in Your Dreams

–      We have all experienced this at one point. We are casually doing something in our dream and we suddenly have a falling feeling and then we suddenly jerk awake.  This is called a hypnagogic jerk. This happens when we start to dream before our body does, causing the brain to be in an aggressive sleep cycle while your body is still going into sleep mode.

Sleep Paralysis

–      Sleep paralysis is scary. This is the complete opposite of hypnagogic jerk; your body remains asleep while your brain is active. Imagine waking up not being able to move your body or speak. Sleep paralysis can last up to a second to a few minutes. People have said that sleep paralysis feels like being put under the weight of an elephant and inability to breathe properly.

Recurring Dreams

–      Recurring dreams are said to be affected by psychological issues or memories. Recurring dreams are a way for the brain to manage and process memories. Recurring dreams can be something simple like an embarrassing memory or something we want to mentally store away like a death of a love one.

Exploding Head Syndrome

–      This is very similar to hypnagogic jerk, but instead of falling a sudden sound jerks a person awake. The sound can be something like an explosion or a really loud noise. Some experience a blinding flash of light or a sensation of their head exploding.


–      The most common sleep behavior is sleeping talking five percent of adults experience this. Most sleep talking behavior only last for about 30 seconds. This usually happens two to three hours of sleeping; this is the period where the muscles still have enough movement to be able to make sounds or talk. People have shared that some folks who are sleep talking can hold onto a conversation without remembering having it.

Sleep sex

  • Sexsomnia happens when sexual acts happen while the partner is asleep. This is similar to sleep walking. The body is functional, but the brain isn’t fully conscious. People who have suffered through this have shared tiny recollection of the incident or would experience waking up during sex. It is possible to have sleep sex if you were having a sex dream or were thinking it before dozing off.

These crazy things happen in our sleep and at times are out of our control. If you suffer from some of these sleeping problems, remember that it is normal. If it is debilitating you from getting a peaceful sleep, talk to a doctor for actions you can take.



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